Selecting an Operator Interface (HMI)
Automation Direct HMI & Operator Interfaces
Productivity controllers combine compact, modular, rack-based or stackable hardware with advanced tag name-based programming
Productivity Series Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

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Lamonde Automation, formed in 1982, supplies and supports a wide range of Industrial products for Automation, Process Control and Electrical Engineering from selected exclusive and preferred complementary manufacturers and are UK & Ireland distributor for AutomationDirect, Weintek, Control Techniques and Haiwell.

Primary products fall into the categories of PLCs (programmable logic controllers), Operator Interface (HMI) and control, Variable Frequency Drives and Motion Control. We also carry numerous other products such as sensors, safety, temperature and process controllers, plus panel hardware and much more. Each year hundreds of new products are being added to our offering, which makes us a fast growing and solid player in the high tech market of industrial automation. Our ethos is One Price - Low Price, backed by helpful knowledgeable support.

We provide you with fast and free delivery regardless of the product size and value.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee. In order to return the goods please follow our returns policy.
Round-the-clock free hotline.
+3(800) 2345-6789
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