Lamonde Automation Ltd distribute and support a wide range of products for industrial automation, process control and electrical engineering.

The company supplies products from several complementary manufacturers. Automation Direct offer almost everything for these target markets.

HMI products from Weintek offer a perfect cost-effective solution for OEMs and machine builders with a range of TFT touch screen products from 4.3" to 15"

The Infilink HMI/SCADA software from KEP offers a cost-effective rich-featured solution for PC-based supervision and includes free development software.

Featured Products

Weintek HMI

A powerful but cost-effective range of HMI products – particularly well suited to OEM applications –with a large range of communications drivers. Models range from 4.3” to 15” screens - all based on TFT colour displays and analogue touch screens. The mTV extends the screen size available by providing an HDMI output to drive any compatible television and the cMT allows WiFi access using an iPad.

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CTI 2500 Series®

The Control Technology Inc 2500 series PLC is a rugged high-end control system - fully compatible with Siemens® Simatic® TI505 products. The solution has been enhanced by the addition of Slice I/O allowing the cost-effective addition of small clusters of remote I/O and a compact I/O range allowing system expansion in limited space.

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AutomationDirect PLCs

A full range of PLC products from the CLICK “stackable” micro PLC through the modular Direct Logic family (enhanced by the addition of the DoMore CPUs) and on to the large, powerful Productivity 3000. The Terminator field I/O system can also be used as a “stackable” solution using the range of I/O modules being controlled by new Do-More CPUs for the Terminator family.

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Nematron iPC

Core products include 12” to 19” flat panel industrial PCs and Industrial monitors. All models use TFT displays and have optional touch screens. Standard PC configurations include solid state hard drives for maximum reliability. Various processors, memory and pre-installed operating system options are available. Other products include a 15” sunlight readable monitor and industrial PCs without displays.

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KEP's Infilink offers a cost-effective solution for PC-based HMI/SCADA with free development software. Available in different tag sizes, it has all the features you would expect including a wide range of graphic objects and animation, alarm handling, powerful scripting, real-time and historical trending and data logging. It can be supplied with KEPware's OPC server products (also available as a standalone product). Automation Direct's Point of View Software, available in sizes form 500-5000 tags provides an enhanced solution with support for the most popular PLCs. Development software is sold separately.

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Current Sensors

This range of current sensing products falls into two categories. Current transducers monitor the current flowing through the core and provide an analogue output signal (0-10V or 4-20mA) proportional to the current flowing. Current switches allow a setpoint to be configured and switch an output at the set point. Products are available for different current ranges, AC or DC measurements and, in most cases (for AC models), with the option of split cores for easier fitting.

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