• Automation Direct

    Lamonde Automation are the UK & Ireland distributor affiliate for Automation Direct, who offer almost everything for these target markets. Products include programmable controllers (PLCs), human-machine interfaces (HMIs), variable speed drives, servo syst
  • Haiwell

    Lamonde Automation are a Haiwell UK distributor. Haiwell offer a range of PLCs, HMIs as well as panel PC solutions.
  • Weintek

    Lamonde Automation - Weintek UK & Weintek Ireland distributor partner for Weintek Labs Inc. The range includes a wide range of industrial HMI products and IIoT gateways that support in excess of 300 industrial protocols.
  • Control Techniques

    Lamonde Automation is a UK & Ireland distributor for Control Techniques, AC drives (variable frequency drives or variable speed drives) provide world-class solutions to the widest range of applications and industries.
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