Secure payment

  • Payment

    The Goods shall remain the property of the Company until paid for in full and any cheques are cleared, but shall be at risk of the Purchaser as from the date of delivery.
    Account trading Terms are Nett-Monthly unless otherwise agreed in writing.

    The Company expressly reserves ownership and title to the Goods supplied until actual payment to the Company of the purchase price in full. 

    Actual payment is defined as the date of clearance through the Company's Bankers of a remittance or remittances in payment of the price. 

    Until final payment has been made in full as defined in this sub-clause, the Purchaser, any Sub-purchaser and any third party claiming in succession to the Purchaser shall hold the Goods in trust for the Company.

    The Purchaser agrees and declares that it shall give notice of such trust to any sub-Purchaser and third party claiming in succession to the Purchaser. 

    In the event of the goods being or becoming incorporated with other Goods not in ownership of the Company, the Purchaser agrees and declares that the finished product or products in such cases shall also remain in the Ownership of the Company and be affected by the like trust.

    In the event of non-payment for the Goods the Company reserves the right to enter any premises and retrieve the Goods whether they be with the purchaser or sold on to another company in any form.

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