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AutomationDirect offers a wide variety of bulk cable, as well as specific-use cables that are connectorized at both ends, and pigtail cables which have an appropriate connector on one end and loose wires on the other for discrete termination.

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  • Bulk cable for industrial wiring: Power Cable, Data Cable, Control Cable, VFD Cable, Instrumentation Cable
  • Ethernet cables
  • Device connection cables: Sensors, Switches, Drives, PLCs, HMI, Pneumatic Solenoid Valves, LCD Monitors, etc.
  • Programming Cables for AutomationDirect industrial automation components and field devices

Many AutomationDirect product lines include connection cables, programming cables or communication cables as accessories or as components in an integrated process control system. Cable product categories are listed by either cable type or specific device connection type.

Information on the various types of Ethernet cables, device connection cables and programming cables is also available in the applicable product category sections.

  • Encoder Cables

    Cables and connectors are available for TRDA-25 series encoders with MS connectors.

  • Bulk Multi-Conductor Cable (Multi-Wire Cable)

    • Cut to length in 1 foot increments (20 ft. min.) ... New!
    • Flexible multi-conductor power cables for the industrial environment: 300 VAC (18 to 10 AWG), 600 VAC (18 to 10 AWG), 2000 VAC (8 AWG).
    • Data Cable - Low capacitance industrial RS-485 and RS-422/RS-232 (24 AWG).
    • Flexible Control Cable - 18 AWG to 10 AWG, 3 to 41 conductors
    • VFD Cable - 16 AWG to 2 AWG, 4 conductors ... New!
    • Instrumentation Cable - 18 AWG and 16 AWG
    • Continuous Flexing Industrial Ethernet Cable - Cat5e ... New!

  • Ethernet Patch Cables (2 to 50 ft.)

    Ethernet is a multi-purpose communication protocol that has become the data standard for the industrial market. These Cat5e STP (Twisted Pairs with overall foil Shield) Ethernet patch cables and crossover cables are ideal for AutomationDirect PLCs, HMIs, drives and other devices that support the Ethernet protocols.

  • Sensors / Switches Connection Cables

    • Switch and sensor connection cables, quick-disconnect cables and receptacles are available for proximity sensors as well as pressure and temperature sensors.
    • Pico (M8) quick-disconnect / Micro (M12) quick-disconnect / Enhanced 50 Series photoelectric sensor cables / Micro (M12) and Micro AC (1/2 IN.) Harsh Duty / Food and Beverage (IP69K) QD Cables / Field wireable connectors and T-couplers.
    • Mini connector cables (7/8 IN - 16 UN2)

  • Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Cables and Connectors

    These high quality connectors and over-molded cables help reduce wiring time. The lower voltage models, 24V or 110V AC/DC, include built-in surge suppression, Yellow LED indicator and are rated for connecting with electronics. The 230V AC/DC models are rated for straight wired products. All models are available in five sizes based on DIN 43650.

  • AC Drive Cables

    Keypad cables for GS Series and DURApulse AC Drives. PC programming cable for GS2 Series AC Drives.

  • PLC Programming & Expansion I/O

    Programming and communication cables for:

    Do-more PLCs, CLICK PLCs and DirectLogic PLCs.

  • Productivity Series Programming & Expansion I/O

    Programming and communication cables for Productivity2000® and Productivity3000® PLCs.

  • Field I/O Expansion Cables

    Expansion I/O cables for the Terminator I/O system with remote I/O, distributed I/O and digital I/O module capabilities.

  • Operator Interface / HMI Cables

    Programming cables and communication cables for: C-more touch panels, C-more micro-graphic panels, Optimate text panels and other operator interface panels.

  • Industrial LCD Monitor Cables

    Connection cables, communication cables, and power cables for ATLAS industrial monitors. VGA cables, DVI video cable, serial communication cables and USB cables.

  • Motion Control (Servo / Stepper System) Cables

    Connection cables, programming cables and communication cables for SureStep stepper systems and SureServo servo positioning systems.

  • ZIPLink Pre-Wired Connection Cables & Modules

    The ZIPLink connector module and cable system eliminates the tedious process of wiring PAC I/O, PLC I/O or other devices to terminal blocks. Plug one end of a ZIPLink cable into a Productivity3000 PAC I/O module, DirectLOGIC I/O module, CLICK CPU or I/O module, or GS Series/DuraPulse/SureServo AC Drive and the other end into a ZIPLink connector module. ZIPLink cables use half the space, at a fraction of the total cost of terminal blocks.

  • Profibus Cables and Connectors

    Connectors and connection cables for the Terminator I/O PROFIBUS base controllers.


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  1. £5.60
    SKU: 1.4.4-0409505-B3
    Leadshine programming cable, 9-pin female D-sub to 4-pin connector, 5ft cable length. For use with Leadshine EM542S and EM556S stepper drives. Learn More
  2. £5.60
    SKU: 1.4.4-0609505-B3
    Leadshine programming cable, 9-pin female D-sub to RJ11 male, 5ft cable length. For use with Leadshine DM805-AI stepper drive. Learn More

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