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Stepper Systems

SureStep™ Stepping Systems for Affordable Motion Control

High performance microstepper drives with high torque stepper motors:

  • Stepper Drives
  • Stepper Motors
  • Power supplies
  • Cables (to interface the stepping motors to the stepping drive)
  • Configuration Software
SureStep is an open-loop stepping system that provides simple and accurate control of position and speed and offers a cost-effective solution for motion control applications requiring lower power.
  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or other indexers and motion controllers act as a stepper motor controller to send step pulses and direction signals that are received by the stepper drive to allow very precise motion control.
  • The SureStep stepper motor, microstepper drive and power supply products provide a low-cost, reliable, high quality solution to answer your positioning and motion control needs.

MicroStepping DrivesMicroStepping Drives

Standard Stepper Drives - One standard DIP switch configured drive
Advanced Stepper Drives - Two software-configured advanced stepper drives
Power Supplies - Choice of 4 available
FREE SureStep Pro Configuration Software
Motors & CablesMotors & Cables

The SureStep family offers nine standard motors to handle a wide range of automation applications such as woodworking, assembly, and test machines. Our square frame or "high torque" style stepping motors are the latest technology resulting in the best torque to volume. We have NEMA 17, 23, and 34 mounting flanges and holding torque ranges from 0.44Nm (61 oz-in) to 9.12Nm (1292 oz-in). SureStep motors are all four lead bipolar step motors.
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