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Sensors / Encoders

Optical Rotary EncodersOptical Rotary Encoders

Use these encoders in custom applications, or with our PLC high-speed counter modules for position control, and our Variable Frequency Drives with encoder feedback for precise speed control.
Light Duty Standard Shaft (TRD-S Series) Medium Duty Standard Shaft (TRD-N Series) Heavy Duty Standard Shaft (TRD-GK Series)
Light Duty Hollow Shaft (TRD-SH Series) Medium Duty Hollow Shaft (TRD-NH Series) Absolute Medium Duty (TRD-NA Series)
Inductive ProximityInductive Proximity

Inductive Proximity Sensors are highly reliable and accurate non-contact switches used to detect metalic moving parts of machinery and door, flap or gate closure. Maintenance free with no moving parts, and sealed against dust (IP65), wash-down (IP67) or submersion (IP68). Best prices with superior service and support.
3mm / 4mm / 5mm Round (PY/PD1 Series) 12mm Round (AM/VM1/PMW Series) 30mm Round (AT/VT1/PTW Series)
8mm Round (AE Series) 18mm Round (AK/VK1/PKW Series) Rectangular (CR/DR/APS Series)
Magnetic ProximityMagnetic Proximity

316L grade Stainless Steel round body sensors, designed for harsh industrial use in the food and beverage industries. IP69K rated.
12mm Round (MAFM1 Series) 60mm nominal sensing distance using magnet as target FDA certified PEEK sensing face
18mm Round (MAFK1 Series) 70mm nominal sensing distance using magnet as target
Laser SensorsLaser Sensors

Laser Distance Sensors - OPT Series
Short Range High Precision (CMOS Technology) Long Range (Transit Time Technology)
Photoelectric SensorsPhotoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensors for non-contact detection of objects using visible red or Infrared focused light. Laser photo-sensors detect small objects, and are used for precise positioning up to 50m. Diffuse,Reflective, Through-beam and Diffuse with Background suppression sensor styles. Photo-sensors are available in the following body styles: 
Light Screen (Area) sensors (BX Series) 5mm Round - Stainless (C5 Series) 18mm Round - Plastic (MS/SS/FA/FARS)
Rectangular (QX/CX/FE/FG/50E) 8/12/18mm Round - Metal (HEE/HER/DM/C18) 18mm AC Powered (MQ / MV Series)
Fiber Optic SensorsFiber Optic Sensors

Supreme noise protection and small sizes for tough limited-space applications. Small fibre heads, utilising 2.2 mm cuttable plastic fibres, can be mounted close to the object.
18mm Round Amplifiers (SSF Series) DIN Rail Amplifiers (DFP/DFT Series) Cuttable Fibres for Sensors (CF Series)
Capacitive Proximity SensorsCapacitive Proximity Sensors

Allow non-contact sensing of all objects, even through non-metalic containers. Typical uses are in bottle detection, or to detect paper and wood at distances up to 20mm.
30mm DC Powered (CT1 Series) Adjustable 2-20 mm sensing distances IEC IP65 protection rating
NPN and PNP 3-wire, 2-meter cable exit Double LED status indicators NO or NC output models
Ultrasonic Proximity SensorsUltrasonic Proximity Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are ideal for applications in which the sensed object is made of clear, transparent or varying surface colour materials and at distances up to 2.5m.
18mm Round (SU Series) Analogue output models available Miniature, rectangular sensors for limited mounting spaces
30mm Round (TU Series) 100 to 2500 mm sensing (adjustable)
Pressure SensorsPressure Sensors

ProSense pressure sensors are designed to monitor relative system pressure in many applications such as hydraulics and pneumatics.
PSD series electronic pressure switch.PTD series of compact pressure and vacuum transmitters.
Detects pressure ranges up to 5800 psi (400 bar). Output options include 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V.
Mechanical dials rotate to establish set/reset points. Vacuum-style transmitters offer 20 to 4 mA or 10 to 0 V.
Temperature Sensors & TransmittersTemperature Sensors & Transmitters

TSD25 series temperature switches.TTD25 series temperature transmitters.
High performance with simple setup, for temperature monitoring and control. Operating temperature range is -25 140C. Compact measuring system providing an analog 4-20mA output over ranges of 0 to 100C.
RTD series temperature probes.Thermowells for RTD probes.
4-wire 100 ohm platinum, Class A RTD elements and meet DIN EN 60751. Probes can be inserted and removed without stopping or shutting down the process.
<br />Level Sensors & Controllers
Level Sensors & Controllers

The Flowline EchoPod and EchoSonic II are innovative ultrasonic liquid level sensor families that replace float level sensors, or conductance and pressure sensors that fail due to contact with dirty, sticky and scaling liquids in small, medium and large capacity tanks.
Flowline EchoPod DS14 Series Ultrasonic Liquid Level Switch & Controller Flowline EchoPod DX10 and DL10 Series Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transmitters Flowline EchoPod DL Series Multi-Function Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors
EchoSonic II LU Series Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transmitters WebCal Ultrasonic Level Sensor Configuration Software Flowline USB adapter Fob, required for use with WEBCAL software to configure EchoPod and EchoSonic II ultrasonic fluid level sensors
Flow SensorsFlow Sensors

The ProSense FSD Series flow switches monitor liquid media and provide reliable flow detection for various flow applications. Two flowrate models are available; 0.26 to 6.6 GPM setpoint range and 1.32 to 26.4 GPM setpoint range.
  • Immune to rapid temperature changes of media
  • Easy to set: turn dial to desired setpoint
  • N.O. DC PNP output
  • LED output status indication
  • IP65 / IP67
Current & Voltage Sensors (AC & DC)Current & Voltage Sensors (AC & DC)

AcuAMP current operated switches combine a current transformer, signal conditioner and limit alarm output in one package.
ACS150 Series - Single Range AC Current Operated SwitchesACS200 Series - Multi Range AC Current Operated SwitchesACSX Series - Multi Range AC Current Operated Switches with Time Delay
The AcuAMP family of high performance current sensors offers outstanding features, flexibility and durability at incredible prices.
ACTR Series - AC Current Sensing Transducers (True RMS)ACT Series - AC Current Sensing Transducers 4-20 mA, 24 VDC loop-powered and 0-10 volt self powered analogue outputs
Ground Fault SensorsGround Fault Sensors

Ground Fault Sensors help protect people, products, and processes from damage that can be caused by ground fault conditions.
  • Good design practice and code require that all AC power systems be grounded. GFS series ground fault sensors are designed to work on grounded AC power systems.
  • This sensor monitors all current carrying conductors in grounded single and three-phase delta or wye systems.
  • GFS series ground fault sensors offer jumper-selectable setpoints of 5, 10 or 30 mA. This series is available in fixed-core models only.

Limit switchesLimit switches

Our limit switches feature the most popular actuator styles (plungers, short and adjustable levers with rollers, and steel and plastic rods) and a wide variety of cable entry options.
Compact limit switches Heavy duty IEC limit switches Double insulated (PBT) limit switches
Miniature double insulated (PBT) limit switches Additional lever arms/ spare parts & accessories
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