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Process Control & Measurement

Temperature / Process ControllersTemperature / Process Controllers

SOLOTM is a single loop dual output temperature controller / process controller that can control both heating and cooling simultaneously. Their low-cost makes them also ideal for display only applications.
  • 1/32 DIN, 1/16 DIN, 1/8 DIN, or 1/4 DIN panel sizes available
  • Four types of control modes: PID, ON/OFF, Ramp / Soak and Manual.
  • Available outputs include relay, voltage pulse, current, and linear voltage (depending upon controller model)
  • Up to three alarm outputs available (The SL4824 series supports only one)
  • Seventeen alarm types available in the initial setting mode
  • Accepts thermocouple, RTD, or analog inputs
  • Built in RS-485 interface using Modbus slave (ASCII or RTU) communication protocol
Temperature Sensors & TransmittersTemperature Sensors & Transmitters

ProSense temperature switches, sensors, transmitters, thermowells, and thermocouples provide accurate temperature monitoring and control.
  • Temperature switches
  • Thermocouple probes and sensors
  • RTD temperature probes and sensors
  • Temperature Transmitters (with Integral Sensor)
  • Temperature Transmitters (Thermocouple Input)
  • Temperature Transmitters (RTD Input)
  • Programmable Temperature Transmitters (Thermocouple or RTD Input)
  • TTD-20 Series Temperature Transmitters with M12 quick-disconnect for fast mounting
  • Thermowells and fittings
  • Thermocouple wire and RTD extension wire
Pressure SensorsPressure Sensors

ProSense pressure switches and pressure sensors are designed to monitor system pressure in hydraulic and pneumatic applications and vacuum systems.
  • PSD series electronic pressure switches feature a gas-tight measuring cell that detects gas and liquid pressure.
  • MPS series mechanical pressure switches are designed for the toughest applications.
  • PTD series compact pressure transmitters and vacuum transmitters with analog output for pressure indication.
  • SPTD series transmitters with stainless steel sensing element, M12 connection ... New!
  • SPT series transmitters with stainless steel sensing element
  • QPS series Digital Pressure Switches / Pressure Transmitters - with LCD display
  • DPTA series differential pressure transmitters
<br />Level Sensors & Controllers
Level Sensors & Controllers

The Flowline EchoPod and EchoSonic II are innovative ultrasonic liquid level sensor families that replace float level sensors, or conductance and pressure sensors that fail due to contact with dirty, sticky and scaling liquids in small, medium and large capacity tanks.
Flowline EchoPod DS14 Series Ultrasonic Liquid Level Switch & Controller Flowline EchoPod DX10 and DL10 Series Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transmitters Flowline EchoPod DL Series Multi-Function Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensors
EchoSonic II LU Series Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transmitters WebCal Ultrasonic Level Sensor Configuration Software Flowline USB adapter Fob, required for use with WEBCAL software to configure EchoPod and EchoSonic II ultrasonic fluid level sensors
Flow SensorsFlow Sensors

The ProSense FSD Series flow switches monitor liquid media and provide reliable flow detection for various flow applications. Two flowrate models are available; 0.26 to 6.6 GPM setpoint range and 1.32 to 26.4 GPM setpoint range.
  • Immune to rapid temperature changes of media
  • Easy to set: turn dial to desired setpoint
  • N.O. DC PNP output
  • LED output status indication
  • IP65 / IP67
Signal ConditionersSignal Conditioners

Signal conditioners convert process, temperature and other electrical signals into voltage or current signals for use with PLCs, loop controllers, encoders, digital displays or any application requiring an isolated or analog signal.
  • DC Voltage or Current Input Signal Conditioners
  • High Speed Optical Isolators (Encoder Input)
  • Universal signal conditioners
  • Temperature Transmitters - Head Mount or DIN Rail Mount
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