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AutomationDirect HMI & Operator Interfaces

Selecting an Operator Interface (HMI)

Need a practical text/data-entry panel, simple graphic display or full touch screen terminal operator interface solution? We offer a wide variety of human machine interface (HMI) products at great prices.

C-more HMI'sC-more HMI's

C-more touch panels provide a graphical interface designed to interchange and display graphics, animation and data to and from a PLC by merely touching the screen. You can virtually replace every pushbutton, switch, meter, and other peripheral device with one C-more touch panel. C-more Programming Software, with its graphical environment and reduced object programming steps, makes developing a project for the C-more touch panels a very quick and simple task.

Even lower prices, SD card slot(s), HDMI interface on some models.

C-more touch screen panels are available in 6", 8", 10", 12" and 15" color TFT display versions.
C-more MicroC-more Micro

C-more Micro-Graphic panels are a new generation of low-cost Operator Interfaces, for simple graphic and text control applications. Choice of 3.1-inch and 6-inch screen size, and optional push-button/keypad bezels. Touch screen and non-touch screen versions are available.
Built-in drivers for: DirectLogic PLCs, Allen-Bradley, GE Fanuc 90/30, Siemens S7, Modbus RTU, Mitsubishi, Omron.
ViewMarq™ Displays ViewMarq™ Displays

Industrial LED Messaging Made Easy ...
ViewMarq is a series of NEMA-rated LED message displays that uses the latest LED and communications technologies for industrial applications. These industrial text message displays utilize both serial and Ethernet communications. The display can be connected to a PLC (programmable logic controller), PC, or any device capable of serial ASCII, Modbus RTU, or Modbus TCP communications. Six model types include: 1, 2 and 4-line text message displays with either 12 or 24 characters. All models have tri-color green, amber, and red LEDs. Scrolling and blinking options are supported.
Data/Text DisplaysData/Text Displays

DV1000 - 4 line LCD display, and 8 button keypad with raise-lower data change.
Optimate - Three families of Annunciator, Pushbutton, Setpoint Numeric Entry, and Text Display Panels. OP-400, OP-600, and OP-1000 series.
ST220 / PT220 - Stored-Text displaya. 2-line x 20 character.
HMI/SCADA SoftwareHMI/SCADA Software

Infilink - 128 to unlimited I/O points, full featured Industrial Automation Graphical SCADA/HMI software. E-mail and Web Enabled. Choice of over 100 PLC and control devices, via serial or Ethernet. FREE full development software, training manual, and drivers pack CD.
LookoutDirect - feature-packed 500-I/O version of the original National Instruments package and includes drivers for the top 10 PLC/RTU products, plus our own DirectLOGIC driver.
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