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Industrial Ethernet Communications

Industrial Ethernet Communication Products from AutomationDirect

With an AutomationDirect industrial Ethernet switch managing an isolated control LAN, your PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) won't miss a beat. At 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps Ethernet, your data will spend minimal "time-on-the-wire" between your I/O and controller.

  • STRIDE Unmanaged and Managed Ethernet Switches

  • Ethernet Converters and Modbus Gateways

  • Cat5e Ethernet Patch Cables

Industrial Ethernet SwitchesIndustrial Ethernet Switches

All unmanaged switch models offer multiple 10/100BaseT RJ45 Ethernet ports; several include fiber optic connection with SC fiber optic connector and ST connector versions.
  • Unmanaged and Managed Ethernet Switches/Gigabit Switches
  • Ethernet Converters and Modbus Gateways
  • Cat5e Ethernet Patch Cables
  • Ethernet PC Network Interface Card (NIC)
  • Ethernet Configuration Kit
Ethernet Media Converters & GatewaysEthernet Media Converters & Gateways

The new MB-GATEWAY single port Modbus Gateway module converts Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU. It supports up to 12 simultaneous Modbus TCP Client (master) Ethernet connections, and up to 128 RTU Server (slave) serial connections.

The STRIDE Ethernet switch lineup offers models that support Fiber Optic connections. Multimode SC and ST connector versions are available and some managed switch models support SFPs, which include single-mode and multimode transceivers with LC connectors. SFP modules (SFP transceivers) are sold separately. Fiber optic cables are immune to electrical and magnetic interference and voltage transients.

The MDM-TEL industrial serial modem has the features to meet your application requirements. The MDM-TEL uses an industrial version of the standard PC modem chip set, so it supports the full set of AT commands and features.
Cat5e Patch Cables (3 to 50 ft.)Cat5e Patch Cables (3 to 50 ft.)

Ethernet is a multi-purpose communication protocol that has become the data standard for the industrial market. These Cat5e STP (Twisted Pairs with overall foil shield) Ethernet patch cables and crossover patch cables are ideal for AutomationDirect PLCs, HMIs, drives and other Ethernet devices that support the Ethernet communication protocol.
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