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Terminal Blocks

Konnect-It DIN-Rail Terminal BlocksKonnect-It DIN-Rail Terminal Blocks

Konnect-It is a series of economy terminal blocks that create convenient wiring connection and termination locales.
  • Screw-type DIN-rail mount terminal blocks
  • Available in single-level, double-level, triple-level, sensor, mini, grounding, fuse holder and disconnect types
  • Konnect-it terminal blocks can terminate solid or stranded wires ranging from 26 to 2/0 AWG
  • 100kA Short Circuit Capacity Rating (SCCR)
DINnector DIN-Rail Terminal BlocksDINnector DIN-Rail Terminal Blocks

The screw-type DINnectors series includes standard, double and triple level terminal blocks, some in up to seven colors. Fuse blocks are also available. Select by block type in this section.
Accessories include:
  • End bracket, End cover, Separator, Top cover
  • Jumpers, Marking tags
  • Mounting rail, Angled rail support bracket
Screwless DIN-Rail Terminal BlocksScrewless DIN-Rail Terminal Blocks

Screwless terminal blocks save time and money. They offer a quick and easy clamping system that is vibration proof and maintenance free. Just push the spring clamp, insert the wire and release
  • Faster installation than standard screws
  • Easy clamp-system connection
  • Vibration-proof connection
  • Maintenance free
  • Meets UL, CSA and IEC standards
DIN RailDIN Rail

DIN-rails provide easy installation and removal of terminal blocks and other devices. These DIN rails meet international standards and are supplied in slotted zinc-dichromated steel, in 1 meter (39 inch) lengths, 35mm or 15mm widths and 7.5mm or 15mm heights.
New! ... DIN rail is now available in convenient two packs for when you only need a few.
35mm wide DIN Rail
15mm wide DIN Rail
Angled Support Bracket
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