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Motor Controls

IEC Electrical Motor Control

As control systems become more compact and the need for more cost-competitive industrial motor control options arise, an IEC motor controller is the answer.
Complying with the stringent International Electrotechnic Commission (IEC) 60947 standards, our IEC motor controller series of contactors and starters offer convenience and cost-effectiveness in one package.

Complete line of FUJI Industrial Motor Control products

AutomationDirect has partnered with Fuji Electric to carry Fuji’s DUO series line of motor contactors, overload relays, and manual motor starters (MMS), as well as their Odyssey line of large contactors and overloads featuring Super Magnet™ coil technology. These offerings provide complete motor control solutions up to 225kw (300 hp).

The conventional starters in the DUO line can accommodate motors up to 75kw (100 hp) at 480 VAC, while MMS combination starters can accommodate motors up to 30kw (40 hp) at 480 VAC and are UL Type E listed.

The Odyssey Series of contactors come in sizes up to 225kw (300 hp) at 480 VAC. The DUO series contactors are available in 24 VAC, 24 VDC, 120 VAC, and 240 VAC coil versions. The Odyssey series of contactors is available with 24 V, 120 V, and 240 V Super Magnet coils that can be powered with AC or DC.
A complete line of accessories is also available.

WEG Electric Miniature Contactors (3-Pole & 4-Pole)WEG Electric Miniature Contactors (3-Pole & 4-Pole)

CWC series mini contactors are a complete solution for controlling motors and switching other loads. The CWC's compact dimensions for its IEC current rating, up to 22A, AC-3 utilization category, allows it to take up less space inside electrical enclosures while still offering up to a powerful 15hp @460V. WEG RW series overload relays are available in compact frame sizes from 0.28A to 32A and are designed for use with, and as perfect complement to, the CWC miniature contactors.
  • 7, 9, 12, 16, 22 Amp 3-pole models
  • 7, 9, 16 Amp 4-pole models
  • Matching direct mount overload relays
  • Available auxiliary contact blocks, surge suppressors, Star-Delta electronic timing relays, wiring kits, and mechanical interlock and latch blocks
Motor Failure RelaysMotor Failure Relays

Phase monitor relays provide protection against premature equipment failure caused by voltage faults on 3-Phase systems. All ProSense 3 phase monitor relays are designed to be compatible with typical Wye or Delta systems. Phase monitoring relays protect against single phasing regardless of any regenerative voltages.

Alternating relays are used for motor load control in special applications where the optimization of load usage is required by equalizing the run time of two loads. The alternating action is initiated by a control switch, such as a float switch, manual switch, timing delay, pressure switch, or other isolated contact. Each time the initiating switch is opened, the output relay contacts will change state, thus alternating the two loads.

Pump failure relays
are designed to monitor the shaft seals of submersible pumps. A resistive-measuring probe provided by the pump manufacturer is installed in the pump seal cavity. If the pump seal starts to leak, contaminating fluid enters the seal cavity, lowering the resistance between the internal probe and the common connection. When the resistance drops below the user-adjustable sensitivity setpoint of the relay, the output relay energizes.
Fuji 3-Pole ContactorsFuji 3-Pole Contactors

The DUO line (SC-E contactors and TK-E overloads) is fully integrated so multiple motor speed controller solutions are possible with a minimum number of components. The conventional motor starters in the DUO line can accommodate electric motors up to 75kw (100hp )at 480 VAC. The larger motor contactors feature the SUPERMAGNET™ coil for greater reliability and positive pick-up and drop-out.
Now ... 440-480 VAC and 500-550 VAC Coil Voltages are available also.

The Odyssey Series of contactors and overload relays also features the SUPERMAGNET™ coil and come in sizes up to 361 A, AC-3 operation 22kw (300hp) at 480 VAC. Odyssey Series contactors are available in four sizes with overload relays to match any motor to 225kw.
Now ... 380-450 VAC and 460-575 VAC Coil Voltages

Both the DUO and Odyssey lines are available in 24 VAC, 24 VDC, 120 VAC, 240 VAC, 380-575 VAC. The motor contactors are rated up to 690 VAC, 3-phase.
Manual Motor StartersManual Motor Starters

The Fuji Duo Series Manual Motor Starter is a protective device for electric motor use that provides optimal protection by integrating the functions of a molded case circuit breaker and thermal overload relay into a compact unit. Since Fuji’s MMS is UL listed for Category E self-protected motor control, it can be used for motor branch circuit protection without the need for additional protection such as fuses or molded case circuit breakers.

The Manual Motor Starter (MMS) is available in a 32A version with a 45mm frame width, and a 63A version with a 55 mm frame width.

Both MMS versions have high breaking capacities, up to 100,000A in some ranges. A wide range of accessories is available, including shunt trips and undervoltage releases.
Low-Cost Basic SeriesLow-Cost Basic Series

The GH series of IEC contactors and bimetallic overload relays are manufactured by Europe’s leading maritime contactor company. Contactors for ocean-going vessels are built to the most rigid specifications. This same design technology carries over to this line of industrial electric motor controls.

We offer individual components that allow you to use the contactor alone or to assemble your motor starter using our thermal overload relays. You can also combine a manual motor starter/protector for all-in-one protection.

Use contactors wherever you need a heavy-duty switching device with up to three poles. Add up to eight auxiliary contact blocks for interlocks and feedback. Or, use the optional mechanical interlock to create an inexpensive reversing contactor.
Manual Motor SwitchesManual Motor Switches

Bryant has designed a compact motor controller that will also meet the rigorous demands of a motor disconnect. Bryant’s motor controllers are listed as "Suitable as Motor Disconnect" under UL Standard 508 – Industrial Control Equipment – qualifying them to perform both operations in one compact package. By utilizing Bryant’s compact motor controllers and motor disconnects, you benefit through the convenience of one device fulfilling two needs. AutomationDirect offers three versions of manual motor controllers (MMCs) and industrial motor disconnects:
  • Toggle Switch AC Motor Controllers
  • Enclosed Toggle Switch AC Motor Controllers
  • Enclosed NEMA 4X Rotary Switch AC Motor Controllers
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