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Wiring Solutions

Multi-Conductor CableMulti-Conductor Cable

Type SJEOOW Flexible Cord - 300 Volt, 18 to 10 AWG
Type SEOOW Flexible Cord - 600 Volt, 18 to 10 AWG
Type W Flexible Cord - 2000 Volt, 8 AWG
Wiring DevicesWiring Devices

Bryant straight blade and locking - electrical plugs, wiring connectors, electrical receptacles
- Straight Blade Devices - electrical plugs, wiring connectors, electrical receptacles
- Locking Devices - lock twist plugs, locking connectors, locking receptacles
- Lockouts/ Tagouts - PLUGBOX devices
- Accessories - angle adapters, protective weather boots, stainless steel receptacle cover plates
Multi-Wire Connectors, Heavy-Duty (ZP-MC Series)Multi-Wire Connectors, Heavy-Duty (ZP-MC Series)

Multi-Wire connectors make it possible to easily connect signal, power, and data connections. These heavy-duty connectors provide a secure, simple and time-saving assembly of machinery and facilities.
- Available in 3A, 6B, 10B, 16B and 24B Sizes
- Heavy Duty Metal or Thermoplastic Housings
- Single and Double Locking Systems
- Screw Termination or Crimp Termination Inserts
Flexible Liquid-Tight Electrical Tubing & ConnectorsFlexible Liquid-Tight Electrical Tubing & Connectors

I-Flex leak-proof, flexible conduit tubing for electrical wire protection. Can be used in extremely tight quarters, thanks to its flexibility.
Straight and Right-Angle Connectors for I-Flex Liquid-Tight Tubing. These straight and right angle (90) liquid-tight non-metallic connectors are made to fit our line of flexible liquid-tight PVC tubing.
Multi-Port M12 Junction BlocksMulti-Port M12 Junction Blocks

ZIPport multi-port junction blocks provide a simple and effective way to organize machine wiring.
- 4-Port M12 Socket
- 6-Port M12 Socket
- 8-Port M12 Socket
- ZIPport Accessories
Panel Interface Connectors (NEMA / UL Type 4, 4X, 12 / IP65)Panel Interface Connectors (NEMA / UL Type 4, 4X, 12 / IP65)

Industrial combined communications/power connectors allow interface to specific programmable devices without opening enclosure doors, powered at safe 110vAC voltages in a non-utility US style outlet.
- No Outlet / Communication Ports (DB9, RJ45 only)
- Single Outlet / Communication Ports
- Duplex Outlet / Communication Ports
- GFCI Duplex Outlet / Communication Ports
Control WireControl Wire

Available in sizes ranging from 0.82 - 21mm.sq, and in the most popular colours. Also now available across all wire types and sizes, is a blue/white stripe style commonly used in DC control wiring. Three insulation types for different industrial applications:
- MTW - used in control cabinets, machine tool applications and appliance wiring applications.
- TFFN - conductors are primarily used as fixture wire.
- THHN - building wire is intended for general purpose industrial applications.
Multiple wire sizes and colours are available.
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