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Weintek EasyBuilder Pro Software

EasyBuilder Pro

Following 16 years of development, Weintek Top Software R&D Group never ceases to upgrade EasyBuilder, a powerful software that greatly simplifies the visualized project editing and supports more types of communication protocols: Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP. Users are ensured to communicate with peripheral devices all with ease and complete project designs swiftly in the shortest possible time.

Easy Step

Follow this Video to learn Simple steps to create a new project: Setting > Design > Download

  • Start EasyBuilder Pro & System Parameters Setting:
    Select PLC type and set communication parameters. Communication Parameters can be set automatically by PLC type.

  • Object Editing and Compiling
    After configuring the screen, build files necessary for HMI downloading.Provide powerful object.

  • Downloading
    Using Project Manager to download project data wihich shortens the downloading time. After downloading,MT8000 is activated automatically.Downloading the project data by SD card/USB device/Ethernet.

Advanced Operations

Label Library - User-defined labels in differentlanguages can be built in advance and saved in Label Tag Library. When the relevant texts are needed, the label can be quickly selected and shown in project files.

Object Bit Lamp - A simple lamp with two states allows different way to operate. Users can observe the lamp status displayed to be instantly notified when events occur.

Resize - Only with several steps, one single project can be freely executed on HMI of different display sizes. For instance, execute MT8070i project on MT8104XH HMI.


  • Device Connection Structure - Weintek R&D Group Brings you the well designed Human Machine Interface that is able to connect different devices simultaneously and also to exchange and save data easily with diverse applications and management. Ethernet Communication

  • Ethernet Communication - Support MODBUS TCP/IP communication protocol, and other types of PLC network communication module (Allen-Bradley, S7-300, S7-200 etc.)

  • EasyDiagnoser - EasyDiagnoser is for analyzing and detecting connection between HMI and PLC.

  • Easy Printer Server - Easy Printer Server for saving hardcopy or backup data is individually downloadable even without full.

  • AB Data Type Editor - Support AB TAG mechanism and improve the flexibility of an object in read/write.

  • EasySimulator - Upon completion of project programming, you can execute Online Simulation on PC by directly connect with PLC or Offline Simulation on PC without connecting PLC.

  • Easy Access - Use SSL encryption to provide login session and data confidentiality when transmitting data. Therefore, EasyAccess 2.0 can ensure security and reliability when transmitting data and information.

  • Pass Through - MT8000 Pass Through function allows PC to directly execute PLC applications to control PLC through HMI. HMI plays a role as a converter of RS232 TO RS485.

  • VNC - MT8000 HMI built-in VNC server allows you to operate HMI any time any where under network environment once your PC or cell phone is equipped with VNC Client.

  • Easy Watch - This debug tool offers the capability of monitoring and modifying specific address values of remote HMI and PLC devices.

  • EasyAddressViewer - View the type of PLC and its range of addresses.

  • Database Editor - Provide sufficient and secure recipe data storage. Furthermore, you can customize Macro functions to Create, Edit your recipe database.

  • Recipe Editor - Recipe data and extended memory editing tool.

  • EasyConverter - Data / Event log format converter

  • Data/Event log - View the historical records via USB cable or Ethernet

EasyBuilder Pro Programming Software EasyBuilder Pro

EasyBuilder Pro Programming Software


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