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DINnector DIN-Rail Terminal Blocks

DINnectors (DIN Rail Terminal Blocks)

Most control panels use some sort of terminal strip or terminal block connector to connect the control wiring (PLCs, relays, contactors, etc.) to the field wiring. DINnectors are simply DIN rail-mounted electrical connectors or terminal blocks. They provide a means of connecting and identifying two or more wires within the demands of an industrial environment. The DIN-rail is the internationally approved, industry standard mounting rail for components made by hundreds of manufacturers worldwide.

Many thanks to our customers who have made the switch to our DINnector terminal blocks!
They’ve told us DINnectors are the same or better quality than the brand they were using, but are significantly less expensive. From skateboard manufacturing to precision machine tools, from panel shops to petrochemical plants, customers love the low price and value that our direct/ e-commerce sales channel offers.

DINnectors can terminate solid or stranded wires ranging from 18-3/0 AWG, and offer fusing, grounding or disconnecting capability within the electrical terminal block itself. Our range of DINnector electrical terminal blocks products are internationally approved by various national and international standards organizations such as UL, CSA, VDE, SEV, RINA and IEC. Choose from the seven types of terminal blocks as required for your system: feed-through, multi-level, mini, ground, fuse, disconnect or direct mount.

Here are five reasons to try our DINnector terminal blocks:
  • Quality materials
  • Self-locking clamps
  • High-contact pressure
  • Low voltage drop
  • Gas-tight electrical connections

DIN Rails, Clips & BracketsDIN Rails, Clips & Brackets

DIN-rails provide easy installation and removal of terminal blocks and other devices. These DIN rails meet international standards and are supplied in slotted zinc-dichromated steel, in 1 meter (39 inch) lengths, 35mm or 15mm widths and 7.5mm or 15mm heights.
Single-level Feed-Through Terminal BlocksSingle-level Feed-Through Terminal Blocks

Feed-through terminal blocks in a number of colours and wire size options.
Double-level Feed-Through Terminal BlocksDouble-level Feed-Through Terminal Blocks

Twice the wiring density of feed-through blocks.
Triple-level Feed-Through Terminal BlocksTriple-level Feed-Through Terminal Blocks

Either high-density wiring or simplified, low-cost sensor wiring.
Mini Terminal BlocksMini Terminal Blocks

Used in areas with extremely limited space requirements.
Ground Terminal BlocksGround Terminal Blocks

Used to mechanically and electrically connect wires to the DIN rail allowing the rail to function as a ground bus bar.
Circuit Protection BlocksCircuit Protection Blocks

Provide easily-replaceable fuse protection using 1/4" or 5 mm fuses, either with or without a blown fuse LED. DN-FE series terminal block sockets accept circuit disconnects or supplementary protectors.
Disconnect Terminal Blocks & AccessoriesDisconnect Terminal Blocks & Accessories

The DN-DIS10 and DN-KDB12 disconnect terminal blocks allow fast circuit disconnection without rewiring.
Plug-In Terminal Blocks & AccessoriesPlug-In Terminal Blocks & Accessories

Single and double level DN-EMXxx plug-in terminal blocks with screw terminals accept all DN-nnPLUG Euro plugs.
Thermocouple Terminal Blocks & AccessoriesThermocouple Terminal Blocks & Accessories

Designed with only one screw clamp to provide suitable connections to thermocouple sensors.
Direct Mount Terminal BlocksDirect Mount Terminal Blocks

Low cost alternative to modular terminal blocks.
End BracketsEnd Brackets

    The DN-EB15 end brackets mount on 15mm DIN rail, and DN-EB35 end brackets are designed to mount on 35mm DIN rail. End brackets are used to prevent components from sliding along the DIN rail.

  • The DN-EB15xx series is designed to mount on 15mm DIN rail
  • The DN-EB35xx series is designed to mount on 35mm DIN rail
End CoversEnd Covers

Certain end covers can be used with multiple terminal block parts to cover and insulate the open side, or to put more space between adjacent terminal blocks.
End covers are required to provide electrical insulation for the exposed metal components of the last terminal block in an assembly. Interlocking pins secure the polyamide end cover to the electrical terminal block while allowing easy insertion and removal. When the size of terminal blocks change in an assembly, an end cover is also required to insulate the open side of the terminal block.
Top CoversTop Covers

Certain VDE regulations require the use of terminal block covers. The transparent polycarbonate terminal block covers are printed with a warning arrow and the international danger symbol, allowing the marking tag area and any jumpers to remain visible after installation.

Separators are used to electrically or visually separate groups of terminal blocks, or to electrically insulate adjacent internal jumpers. Terminal block separators project beyond the terminal block on all sides. Spacers for plug-in terminal blocks are also available.
Marking TagsMarking Tags

Provide circuit organization and identification of the terminals. Terminal marking tags are available either blank or preprinted, and fit onto the terminal blocks.

Jumpers are used to electrically interconnect two or more consecutive terminal blocks, without reducing the wiring capacity of the terminal blocks. Terminal block jumpers are available in two, three, four and longer pole configurations, and are supplied with screws and washers.
Jumpers are made of electrolytic copper with a corrosion-resistant nickel plating. When installed, the jumpers are recessed in the terminal block molding to reduce the risk of accidental shock.
Test PlugsTest Plugs

Test plugs are used for hands-free electrical circuit troubleshooting and testing. The terminal block test plugs are inserted into the tapped hole of the terminal block current bar. These plug-in style test devices cannot be used when terminal block jumpers or jumper bars are installed. Plug diameter is 2.8mm and test plugs are available in red or black
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