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Signal Conditioners

Signal Conditioners / Isolators / Transmitters / Converters

  • DC Voltage or Current Input Signal Conditioners

  • Universal Input Isolated Signal Conditioners

  • Temperature Transmitters (Thermocouple Input)

  • Temperature Transmitters (RTD Input)

  • Programmable Temperature Transmitters (T/C or RTD Input)

  • High Speed Optical Isolators (Encoder Input)

Signal integrity starts with quality measurement and good equipment. However, even with the best equipment, signals can be degraded if the equipment is not properly installed or it is not protected by signal conditioners/ signal isolators.
  • Signal integrity can be greatly impacted by poor shielding or wiring practices. The biggest factor is often ground loop errors (ground noise).

  • Signal isolation or ground loop isolation is one way to eliminate ground loop errors caused by ground noise and other such signal interference problems.

  • Signal isolators use one of many electronic methods to interrupt the connections between two grounds while passing the correct signal with little or no loss of accuracy. Without a way for ground currents to flow, these currents can't induce signal errors caused by ground noise.

  • Signal conditioners are also sometimes referred to as: signal transmitters, ground loop isolators, 4-20ma transmitters, 4-20ma converters, 4-20ma isolators, RTD signal conditioners, analog signal converters or analog signal isolators.

  • Signal conditioners for encoders are also sometimes referred to as: encoder isolators, optocouplers, opto isolators or optical isolators.

DC Voltage, Current or Potentiometer InputDC Voltage, Current or Potentiometer Input

    FC series and Universal signal conditioners are the perfect solution for converting process, temperature and other electrical signals into voltage or current signals for transmission or input to a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). The FC series signal conditioners offer 1500V isolation between the input and output to help eliminate electrical noise. Universal signal conditioners provide isolation and accept milliamps, volts, RTD, thermocouple or potentiometer inputs. These AutomationDirect supplied signal conditioners are ideal for use with PLCs, loop controllers, digital displays and any other applications requiring an isolated or analog signal.
High Speed Optical Isolators (Encoder Input)High Speed Optical Isolators (Encoder Input)

  • Ideal for use with single-ended (open collector, NPN, pull-up, push-pull, totem pole) or differential line driver encoders
  • FC-ISO-C Encoder signal conditioner and optical isolator with open collector output
  • FC-ISO-D Encoder signal conditioner and optical isolator with differential line driver
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