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Servo & Drive Configuration Software

SureServo Pro™ Configuration SoftwareSureServo Pro™ Configuration Software

SureServo Pro™ (SV-PRO) is the Windows-based configuration software for use with all SureServo™ servo systems. With SureServo Pro installed, the personal computer may be directly connected to the servo drive's serial port via the PC's RS-232 serial port.
GS Series AC Drives Configuration Software GS Series AC Drives Configuration Software

GSOFT, the configuration software for AutomationDirectÂ’s GS Series variable frequency drives, allows a personal computer to be connected to either the GS1, GS2 or DURApulse series AC drives. You can perform a variety of functions using GSOFT
SureStep Pro configuration softwareSureStep Pro configuration software

Used for easy configuration and setup of the stepper drive, including drive, motion control mode, I/O, stepper motor. The SureStep Pro configuration software on CD and the STP-232RJ11-CBL programming cable are included with each advanced stepper drive (STP-DRV-4850 & STP-DRV-80100). Software is NOT required for the standard drive (STP-DRV-4035). SureStep Pro is also available as a Free Download
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