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Serial Connectivity

Serial Communication Products

Use AutomationDirect's industrial communication products to provide a link via serial connection to your industrial controllers. Serial products include RS232/ RS422 network adapters and converters, a USB to RS-232C serial adapter cable, cable kits, an industrial telephone modem, a USB to RS485 adapter and a new Modbus TCP to RTU converter.
  • Serial Isolators & Converters

  • Serial Connection Kits

  • Serial Port Connectors & Adapters

  • Telephone Modem

    Serial Isolators & ConvertersSerial Isolators & Converters

    RS232/ RS422 converters / network adapters are used to place PLCs, operator interfaces, industrial computers, etc. on an RS422/ RS485 multidrop network. Isolated and non-isolated versions are available
    Serial Connection KitsSerial Connection Kits

    The Universal Cable Kit (FA-CABKIT) allows you to connect various types of DirectLOGIC® products with a RS-232C cable in a matter of minutes. The kit consists of a phone cable (with male plugs already attached) and several specially wired connectors.
    Serial Port Connectors & AdaptersSerial Port Connectors & Adapters

    15-pin high density D-Sub connector for Port 2 of DL06, D2-250(-1), and D2-260 CPUs to RJ12 6P6C connector. Used to connect RS232 Port 2 of DL06, D2-250(-1), and D2-260 CPUs to personal computers.
    Telephone ModemsTelephone Modems

    An Industrial serial modem which has the features to meet your application requirements in a straight-forward manner.
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