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Screwless DIN-Rail Terminal Blocks

Single-level Terminal Blocks & AccessoriesSingle-level Terminal Blocks & Accessories

Single level (feed-through) terminal blocks provide the means to connect two wires together, and are available in sizes suitable for up to 8 AWG wire.
Double-level Terminal Blocks & AccessoriesDouble-level Terminal Blocks & Accessories

Double-level terminal blocks offer twice the wiring density of feed-through blocks. Versions with internal jumpers, LEDs and diodes are available.
Common Point Terminal Blocks & AccessoriesCommon Point Terminal Blocks & Accessories

The two-to-two version allows multiple wires to be connected together by way of multiple spring-clamps. LED and diode variations are also available in this style.
Ground Terminal Blocks & AccessoriesGround Terminal Blocks & Accessories

Ground terminal blocks are used to mechanically and electrically ground wires to the DIN rail to function as a ground bus bar. Ground blocks are green / yellow per international standards.
Disconnect Terminal Blocks & AccessoriesDisconnect Terminal Blocks & Accessories

The DN-QKBD12 disconnect terminal block allows fast circuit disconnection without rewiring by means of a pivoting, insulated “knife-blade.”
Plug-In Terminal Blocks & AccessoriesPlug-In Terminal Blocks & Accessories

Single and double level DN-QEMXxx screwless plug-in terminal blocks with spring terminals accept all DN-xxPLUG Euro plugs.
Marking Tags & ToolsMarking Tags & Tools

  • Terminal block marking tags and accessories - DN-QL series blank and printed tags (1-100, 101-200, 201-300, 301-400, 401-500). 500 pieces per package.
  • DN-MP indelible marking pen.
  • Screwdriver - Our ergonomically designed, insulated slot head and Phillips screwdrivers are made from high quality heat-treated chrome vanadium steel with a black oxide coating on the tips for maximum corrosion protection. The screwdrivers are colored red for safety purposes and the one-piece blade insulation, which is integrally molded with the handle, also offers an extra measure of safety.
  • Wire cutter/stripper tool - If you want to improve the speed, precision, and quality of your progammable logic controller (PLC) or DINnectors terminal block wiring jobs, youll want to order at least one of these self-adjusting wire cutter/ stripping tools! This tool is suited for cutting/ stripping PVC insulated round, oval or flat cables from 28-10 AWG without damaging the solid or stranded conductors. Its lightweight, ergonomic body is molded from super rugged glass-reinforced nylon, while the integral wire cutter and the replaceable blades are manufactured from high-grade hardened steel.
  • 35 mm wide DIN-Rail - These quality DN-R35 series DIN-rails are provided in one-meter lengths and two heights, 7.5 mm and 15 mm. The 7.5 mm-high rails are primarily used to mount terminal blocks, relays, timers and small PLCs such as the DirectLOGIC PLC DL05, DL06, DL105 and DL205 models. The 15mm high rails are for mounting larger and heavier components such as contactors and larger PLCs. There are 10 pieces per package.
  • DIN Rail end bracket - Used to mount DINnector screwless terminal blocks on 35mm DIN rail (50 pieces per package)
  • Terminal block end covers - The DN-QEC series end covers come in a variety of sizes to fit the various screwless terminal block types. Color is gray and there are either 25 or 50 pieces per package.
  • Angled DIN rail support bracket - Zinc-dichromate plated steel support brackets raise and tilt mounting rails for easier wiring. NOTE: Uses M6 metric fixing screw for mounting DIN-rail to bracket.
  • Terminal block jumper bar (push-in style, 2 insulated poles) - DN-Q2J1210 for DN-Q12 and DN-Q10 screwless terminal blocks. DN-Q2J8 for DN-Q8 screwless terminal blocks. There are 50 pieces per package.
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