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Machine Safety and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety Switches (Non-Contact, Interlock, Cable-Pull and Limit Switches)

  • Safety Light Curtains

  • Safety Relay Modules

  • Trapped Key Interlock Switches

A Superb Line of Machine Safety Devices ...

Don't let price stand in the way of making a machine or process as safe as possible.
You need to be in compliance with national and international standards, but don't overpay to get reliability and high performance for maximum machine safety. AutomationDirect now offers a superb line of machine safety devices with prices that let you do even more to protect what's important. Choose from our certified offering of brand name machine safety components to meet your protection needs, including safety switches, safety light curtains and safety relays. A safety switch is typically an electromechanical switch used to detect unsafe conditions and isolate power from the hazard. A light curtain uses a row or grid of light beams to detect intrusion and halt or prevent potentially hazardous operations. Safety relays are coils and contacts that are designed to be positively driven and assure a reliable opening and closing for safety applications.

Warning: Machine safety products sold by Lamonde Automation / AutomationDirect are Safety components only.

The purchaser/installer is solely responsible for the application of these components and ensuring all necessary steps have been taken to assure each application and use meets all performance and applicable safety requirements and/or local, national and/or international safety codes as required by the application.Lamonde Automation / AutomationDirect cannot certify that our products used solely or in conjunction with other AutomationDirect or other vendors products will assure safety for any application.

Any person using or applying any products sold by Lamonde Automation / AutomationDirect is responsible for learning the safety requirements for their individual application and applying them, and therefore assumes all risks, and accepts full and complete responsibility for the selection and suitability of the product for their respective application.

Lamonde Automation / AutomationDirect does not provide design or consulting services, and cannot advise whether any specific application or use of our products would ensure compliance with the safety requirements for any application.

Safety SwitchesSafety Switches

Interlock safety switches and safety limit switches are developed and manufactured according to IEC and EN European standards for Type 4 machine safety/ OSHA machine guarding. Safety Switch Series:
  • IDEM non-contact coded magnetic safety switches
  • IDEM non-contact magnetic safety switches
  • IDEM non-contact magnetic locking RFID safety switches
  • IDEM Solenoid locking, tongue interlock safety switches
  • Tongue Interlock Safety Switches
  • Hinge Interlock Safety Switches
  • Cable-Pull Safety Switches
  • Safety Limit Switches
  • Safety Limit Switch Accessories
Safety Light Curtains (Category 4 / Type 4)Safety Light Curtains (Category 4 / Type 4)

AutomationDirect offers safety light curtains for finger protection, hand protection and body protection (access control). These safety curtains are used for human protection and product/machine safety where risks cannot be eliminated by machine design and the process might require open and frequent access.
  • Datalogic Light Curtains
    • Basic and Advanced configurations
    • Finger protection (14mm resolution) and hand protection (30mm resolution)
  • Contrinex Light Curtains
    Now available as a set, or order sender and receiver separately.
    • YBB-14 Series - Safety light curtain
    • YBB-30 Series - Safety light curtain with 30mm resolution - Hand Safe protection
    • YCA Series - Safety light curtain with 300 or 400mm beam gap - Body Safe protection
Safety Relay ModulesSafety Relay Modules

Safety relays are coils and contacts that are designed to be positively driven and assure a reliable opening and closing for machine safety applications. Dold Safety Relay Modules are developed and manufactured according to IEC and EN European standards and are RoHS, CE and UL Listed. These safety relay modules consist of safety relays that are controlled by a built-in monitoring function. All the products house the same safety relay, but have different monitoring and interfacing specific for an application.
  • E-Stop / Safety Gate Relays
  • E-Stop / Safety Gate Time Delay Relays
  • Two-Hand Safety Control Relays
  • Light Curtain and Safety Mat Controllers
  • Speed Safety Relays (Speed Monitoring and Motor Standstill)
  • Multifunction Safety Relays
  • Safety Extension Relays
Trapped Key Interlock SwitchesTrapped Key Interlock Switches

Dold Trapped Key System Gate Sets provide a full trapped key safety system, in one to five gate sets. They are available in either standard (SX) or solenoid-locking (ZRH) versions. All keys and their corresponding receivers and modules are identical within a set, but unique to any other set. Also available are tongue key actuators (purchased separately from the gate sets), and optional items such as door actuators, captive safety key sets, key modules for key exchange box setup, and mounting plates.
  • Interlock safety switch body, coded trap key modules, coded keys, and tongue (key) gate actuator modules are all 316L stainless steel
  • Easy installation through comprehensive accessories
  • Mechanical safeguarding
  • One- to five-gate sets available
  • Solenoid and standard versions available
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