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Pushbuttons / Switches / Indicators

IDEM Emergency Stop Control StationsIDEM Emergency Stop Control Stations

DEM E-Stop control stations are designed to provide emergency stop protection for exposed conveyors, machinery, etc. Both ES and ESL series E-stop switches are available with button protection guard and padlock holes for maintenance lock off.
22mm Metal / Plastic22mm Metal / Plastic

We have teamed up with European partners to offer you the best value in high-quality 22mm metal operator switches and push buttons. From the attractive chrome plating on the operator to the gold-plated self-cleaning silver contacts, nothing has been sacrificed to offer you the highest quality momentary switches and push button switches at great prices.

22mm plastic push buttons - a rugged yet economical line of plastic pilot devices for your operator control panel designs. These industrial push button switches are made with fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic and can be used as a direct replacement for the existing 22mm metal pilot devices.
Fuji Electric 22mm (AR22 Series)Fuji Electric 22mm (AR22 Series)

Selection of 22mm pushbuttons include non-illuminated as well as illuminated models with flush round heads, extended round heads, and mushroom style heads. Other 22mm pilot devices including emergency stop pushbuttons, selector switches, pilot lights, joystick selector switches, and buzzers
Selectors / KeyswitchesSelectors / Keyswitches

Two and three-position in maintained and spring return, with knob and lever operators.
Metal & Plastic Bodied Ø22 - Non-illuminated and Bulb or LED illuminated models, gold-plated self-cleaning contacts.
Metal Bodied Ø30mm - Two and three-position in maintained and spring return, non-illuminated only, knob or lever versions.

Two and four-position, maintained and momentary gold-plated contacts blocks.
Panel IndicatorsPanel Indicators

24V or 120V AC/DC bulb or LED illuminated in a selection of colours.
Metal & Plastic Bodied Ø22 - Six colour choices.
Metal Bodied Ø30mm - Seven colours.
Pushbutton EnclosuresPushbutton Enclosures

One to six-holes, 51mm and 74mm deep, thermoplastic ABS material, IP65 rating, molded knock-outs for 12mm (1/2-inch) conduit.
Panel PotentiometersPanel Potentiometers

5K and 10K, 22mm Legend plate available with 0% to 100% marking, IP65 rating when installed.
Audible Signal DevicesAudible Signal Devices

22.5mm panel-mount electrical audible alarm buzzers with a selection of decibel levels and tone adjustments for industrial control panels.
Ten WERMA audible alarm models available: 107, 109 and 110 series buzzers with continuous and pulse-tones from 80 to 100 decibels @ 1m.
Visual Signal DevicesVisual Signal Devices

29mm, 57/58mm, 75mm and 98/100mm diameter incandescent, LED and Xenon signal light beacons.
WERMA is the leading manufacturer of visual and audible warning alarm signal devices for industrial control applications. AutomationDirect offers a complete lineup of WERMA signal towers, stack lights, LED and incandescent beacon lights, rotating beacons and Xenon flashing beacons.
Visual-Audible Signal DevicesVisual-Audible Signal Devices

22.5mm panel-mount electrical audible alarm buzzers with LED indicators for industrial control panel applications.
WERMA 150 Series LED Indicator / Buzzers - 80dB @ 1m, continuous tone, LED continuous indicator. Also WERMA 450 Series LED Indicator / Buzzers - 80dB @ 1m, continuous tone, LED continuous alarm indicator light and press to silence.
WERMA FlatSIGN signal column (wall mount).
Foot SwitchesFoot Switches

Choose these switches for foot switch-operated machines such as shearing machines, spinning machines, spinning lathes, machine tools, wrapping machines, riveting machines, riveting presses, etc.

Replacement incandescent and LED bulbs, protective pushbutton covers, replacement support base, contact blocks and keys, legend plates.
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