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Secure Remote Access - VPN

StrideLinx VPN RoutersStrideLinx VPN Routers

The StrideLinx VPN routers provide an outgoing, secure connection from remote machines or systems to the StrideLinx platform. Routers include (5) Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet Ports ((1) WAN and (4) LAN), with models available that also support wireless or cellular connectivity. Routers are easily configured and have a built-in firewall to isolate company and control networks.

To use the non-wired feature of the StrideLinx WiFi and Cellular VPN routers, an antenna(s) must also be purchased. 4G and 2.4 GHz antennas are available in various styles including whip/tilt, dome and whip/straight.
StrideLinx Cloud ServicesStrideLinx Cloud Services

Beyond FREE remote access, the StrideLinx platform can be upgraded with easy add-on subscriptions including cloud data logging, cloud notify/alarming, premium branding, or a service level agreement. Subscriptions add enhanced capabilities to the StrideLinx platform and are configured in a company account from within the platform.
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