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Power Products (Electrical)

DC Power SuppliesDC Power Supplies

RHINO PSM series, rugged ultracompact metal case for harsh industrial environments.
RHINO PSP series, molded lightweight plastic case.
PS series very affordable prices.
FA-24PS open frame series especially useful when an inexpensive external supply is required.

ALL RHINO PSP, PSM and PS series power supplies include a 3 year extended warranty.
Power Line FiltersPower Line Filters

Roxburgh Power Line Filters
  • 3-Phase Drive-Rated Power Line Filters
  • 1-Phase Drive-Rated Power Line Filters
  • 1-Phase General Purpose Power Line Filters
  • 1-phase Power Entry Modules w/Filter

  • Ferrite Toroids
  • Eaton 1-Phase Power Line EMI / RF Filters w/Surge Protection
Distribution BlocksDistribution Blocks

Use Finger-safe Power Distribution Blocks to manage your power distribution needs, from splitting primary power circuits into a variety of branch circuits to providing a fixed junction tap-off point. Ampere ratings up to 760 Amps - 600 VAC or VDC - Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) 200kA with proper fusing for copper conductors and an SCCR of 10 kA for aluminum conductors - 600 VAC or VDC, Ampere ratings up to 760 Amps.

HPS Imperator control transformers from Hammond are specifically designed for high inrush applications requiring reliable output voltage stability. Designed to meet industrial applications where electromagnetic devices such as relays, solenoids, etc. are used, they maximize inrush capability and output voltage regulation when electromagnetic devices are initially energized.
  • 50/60 Hertz, 600V class, machine tool rated control transformers
  • VA range from 50 VA up to 1000 VA
  • DC-DC ConvertersDC-DC Converters

    Four models for DC input voltage are available in the PSP series of DIN-rail DC to DC converters.

    • DIN Rail Mount
      PSP Series - Plastic Slim-Line Case
      FA-DCDC-1 - Isolated Multiple Outputs

    • Encapsulated
      PSE Series
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