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Pneumatic Air Preparation (FRL-Filters, Regulators, Lubricators)Pneumatic Air Preparation (FRL-Filters, Regulators, Lubricators)

NITRA pneumatic air filters, pneumatic pressure regulators, air lubricators, air relief valves and soft-start valves are available in a wide variety of port sizes to meet a broad range of pneumatic air supply filtration, air regulation and compressed air lubrication applications. The modular design allows stand-alone applications and also enables easy field assembly for combining NITRA pneumatic filters, pneumatic pressure regulators, air lubricators, and air relief valves (Using modular assembly brackets which must be purchased separately).
Pneumatic Valves & AccessoriesPneumatic Valves & Accessories

NITRA pneumatic air valves are available in a wide variety of configurations to meet a broad range of pneumatic control air valve applications - pneumatic solenoid valves; modular solenoid air valves and manifolds; solenoid valve exhaust silencers; solenoid valve cables and connectors; air pilot valves; manual toggle, push-pull, rotary and foot-operated valves.
Pneumatic Air CylindersPneumatic Air Cylinders

Seven types of air cylinders to complete a pneumatic control system - the stainless steel, non-repairable A-series; the stainless steel, compact round body C-series; the hard anodized aluminum, heavy duty D-series; the dual rod guided E-series; the all stainless steel F-series, the ISO 15552 G-series and the compact metric H-series.
A-Series - Round body air cylinders
C-Series - Compact air cylinders
D-Series - NFPA tie rod air cylinders
E-Series - Dual rod guided air cylinders
F-Series - All stainless steel air cylinders
G-Series - ISO 15552 air cylinders
H-Series - Metric compact air cylinders
Pneumatic Cylinder Position SwitchesPneumatic Cylinder Position Switches

The NITRA CPS Series of cylinder position switches offers a robust, yet cost-effective, interface between pneumatic or hydraulic actuators and electrical control systems. Using state-of- the-art magnetic sensing technology, these switches are designed for use with cylinders that have a magnet incorporated in the cylinder piston. They can be used to provide cylinder position indication, cycle count, or to confirm operation. NITRA cylinder position switches are available in nine styles with accessories to fit many different styles of cylinders or actuators.
Digital Pressure Switches / TransmittersDigital Pressure Switches / Transmitters

Designed for air and non-corrosive/non-flammable gas applications, these small (1.2" by 1.2" by 1.7" deep) digital pressure switches/pressure transmitters have a 3-color LCD display and provide two digital outputs and one analog output. Two vacuum to pressure ranges (-14.5 to 14.5 psi and -14.5 to 145 psi) are available. Mounting options include optional panel mount or mounting bracket kits. These air pressure switches are easy to install and are ideal for use as pneumatic pressure switches or pneumatic pressure transmitters.
Flexible Pneumatic Tubing & HosesFlexible Pneumatic Tubing & Hoses

Tubing and Hoses
- Straight Polyurethane Tubing
- Straight Nylon 12 Tubing
- Straight PTFE Tubing
- Straight Bonded Polyurethane Tubing
- Coiled Polyurethane Tubing
- Pneumatic Air Hoses

Couplings, Fittings and Accessories
- Quick-Disconnect Air Couplings
- Swivel Air Fittings
- Pneumatic Blow Guns
- Flexible Pneumatic Tubing and Hoses Accessories
Push-to-Connect NPT Pneumatic Fittings (Thermoplastic)Push-to-Connect NPT Pneumatic Fittings (Thermoplastic)

Push-to-Connect NPT Pneumatic Fittings (Thermoplastic)
push-to-connect tubing fittings with NPT threaded connections.
Push-to-Connect R-Thread Pneumatic Fittings (Thermoplastic)Push-to-Connect R-Thread Pneumatic Fittings (Thermoplastic)

Push-to-Connect R-Thread Pneumatic Fittings (Thermoplastic)
push-to-connect tubing fittings with R-thread connections.
Push-to-Connect G-Thread Pneumatic Fittings (Thermoplastic)Push-to-Connect G-Thread Pneumatic Fittings (Thermoplastic)

Push-to-Connect G-Thread Pneumatic Fittings (Thermoplastic)
push-to-connect tubing fittings with G-thread connections.
Push-to-Connect Union Pneumatic Fittings (Thermoplastic)Push-to-Connect Union Pneumatic Fittings (Thermoplastic)

Push-to-Connect Union Pneumatic Fittings (Thermoplastic)
quick connect fittings and quick release air fittings that require no tools for connection and dis-connection of tubing.
Push-to-Connect Pneumatic Fittings (Stainless Steel)Push-to-Connect Pneumatic Fittings (Stainless Steel)

Push-to-Connect Pneumatic Fittings (Stainless Steel)
made with 316 stainless steel bodies and 303 stainless steel gripping collets with internal Viton o-ring. Threaded components are 316 stainless steel.
Threaded FittingsThreaded Fittings

Threaded Fittings
machined from quality brass bar stock or forgings. They work well with air, water, oil, oxygen, nitrogen and argon. Available in most popular styles and sizes, the fittings all have NPT threaded connections.
Hose ClampsHose Clamps

Hose clamps are used to attach hose securely to barbed fittings and other devices. Available in plated steel 2-ear or stainless steel interlocking ear styles, these hose clamps work well with HydroMode PVC hose and lead-free fittings. Hose clamp crimping tools are available to crimp both styles of clamps firmly in place.
Quick-Disconnect Air CouplingsQuick-Disconnect Air Couplings

Quick-Disconnect Air Couplings
allow easy changing of tools or hose connections. The quick disconnect couplings (female) and plugs (male) are available in three of the most popular styles: IND, ARO and Truflate.
Swivel Air FittingsSwivel Air Fittings

Swivel Air Fittings
allow easy changing of tools or hose connections and prevent kinking and strain on supply lines.
Special Purpose Push-to-Connect Pneumatic FittingsSpecial Purpose Push-to-Connect Pneumatic Fittings

- Flow Control Valves
- Quick Exhaust Valves
- Shutoff Hand Valves
- Pressure Regulators / Gauges / Indicators
- Check Valves / Stop Valves
- Accessories - Special Purpose Fittings
Aluminum Pneumatic ManifoldsAluminum Pneumatic Manifolds

Manifolds provide a convenient junction point for the distribution of fluids or gases. Simply thread fittings into the ports to produce an organized method of supplying multiple lines from a single source.
- Aluminum manifolds are anodized for corrosion and wear resistance
- Inline manifolds and 90° manifolds
- Input options: 1/8" NPT to 1" NPT
- Output options: 10-32 UNF, 1/8" NPT to 1/2" NPT
- Operating pressure: 1000 psi air, 3000 psi hydraulic
Stainless Steel Pneumatic ManifoldsStainless Steel Pneumatic Manifolds

Stainless steel manifolds are ideal for use in highly corrosive environments.
- Inline manifolds
- Input options: 1/4" NPT, 3/8" NPT
- Output options: 1/8" NPT, 1/4" NPT
- Operating pressure: 3500 psi
Pneumatic AccessoriesPneumatic Accessories

Accessories / Accessories for ...
- Pneumatic filters, regulators, lubricators (FRL)
- Solenoid valve manifolds & mounting hardware
- Solenoid valve exhaust silencers
- Solenoid valve cables & connectors
- A - , C - , D - , F - , G - , H - Series pneumatic cylinders
- Pneumatic cylinder position switches
- Flexible pneumatic tubing & hoses - cutters, aluminum manifolds, sealant tape
- Pneumatic blow guns
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