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Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors

Our industrial photoelectric sensors offer a high-quality, low-cost alternative to other suppliers of industrial sensors

  • We offer a variety of industrial sensors, photo eyes and photoelectric switches in a variety of shapes and sizes to be used in a wide range of short or long-distance sensing applications, including harsh duty applications.

  • Photoelectric sensor offerings now include high performance rectangular models, with clear object detectors.

  • Both LED photo sensors and laser photo sensors are available.

  • Fiber photoelectric amplifiers and several types of optical fibers are also available.

  • Options include metal, stainless steel and plastic body models in various sizes.

  • FB Series of low cost / high performance 18mm round non-metal photoelectric sensors
Photoelectric Sensors Selection Guide

DC RectangularDC Rectangular

Flexible photo sensors, many with adjustable sensing distance
  • Background Suppression
  • Diffuse
  • Retroreflective
  • Retroreflective for Transparent Objects
  • Through-Beam
DC Rectangular (Harsh Duty / Food & Bev.)DC Rectangular (Harsh Duty / Food & Bev.)

IP69K for Food and Beverage Applications
  • 27 harsh duty, washdown models
  • Background Suppression
  • Diffuse
  • Polarized Retroreflective
  • Through-Beam
5mm Round - Stainless5mm Round - Stainless

Our smallest diameter photo sensors
  • Diffuse (C5D Series) - 10mm, 20mm, and 50mm sensing distances available
  • Through-beam sensors (C5E/ C5R Series) - 250mm sensing distance
8mm Round - Metal8mm Round - Metal

8mm Thru-beam series
  • M8 small dimension housing
  • LED status indicator for all models
  • Overload protection
  • Strong stainless steel housing
  • Sensing distance: 1 meter
  • NPN or PNP, N.O. or N.C. models
12mm Round - Metal12mm Round - Metal

Teach-in pushbutton for quick calibration
  • Diffuse (Axial)
  • Polarized Retroreflective (Axial)
  • Through-beam sensors (Axial)
  • Axial cable or M12 quick-disconnect models
18mm Round - Metal18mm Round - Metal

Durable, cost-effective sensors for general applications (axial & right angle)
  • Diffuse
  • Polarized Retroreflective
  • Through-beam sensors
  • Background Suppression )
  • Additional output contact (N.C.) added to Diffuse and Through Beam sensors
18mm Round - IP69K (Harsh Duty / Food & Bev.)18mm Round - IP69K (Harsh Duty / Food & Bev.)

Harsh duty (IP69K rated) food grade photo sensors (submersible).
  • Diffuse photoelectric switches
  • Polarized Retroreflective photo sensors
  • Retroreflective photo sensors
  • Through-beam photo sensors
  • Background Suppression photo sensors
18mm Round - NonMetal18mm Round - NonMetal

Durable, cost-effective sensors for general applications
  • Diffuse (MS/ SS/ FA/ FB Series)
  • Retroreflective (SS/ FA/ FB Series)
  • Through-beam (SS/ FA/ FB Series)
  • Background Suppression (FARS/ MS Series)
18mm Cube - NonMetal18mm Cube - NonMetal

  • Diffuse with background suppression, polarized reflective, and through-beam models
  • 18mm diameter threaded lens with mounting hex nut included
  • M12 quick-disconnect
18mm AC Powered18mm AC Powered

  • MQ Series diffuse photoelectric sensors with 90 optic package
  • MV Series - 18mm AC-powered photoelectric sensors
30mm Mounting base - Metal30mm Mounting base - Metal

  • Diffuse with background suppression and polarized reflective
  • 30mm diameter mounting base with mounting hex nut included
  • M12 quick-disconnect
Light ScreensLight Screens

High-resolution area sensors
  • 70mm controlled area height
  • Operating distance up to 2m
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • NPN or PNP with N.O/N.C. selectable output
  • Emitter and receiver LED status indicators
  • IP67 rated
Cables & AccessoriesCables & Accessories

  • Enhanced 50 Series Cables & Accessories
  • Pico (M8) Q/D Cables
  • Micro (M12) Q/D Cables
  • Mounting Brackets & Shutters

  • RL1 series for polarized light photoelectric sensors
  • RL2 series for polarized light laser photoelectric sensors
  • Shapes and sizes for most applications
Multi-Port Junction BlocksMulti-Port Junction Blocks

  • ZIPport multi-port junction blocks
  • Cuts down on errors in wiring
  • Variety of circuit configurations
  • Saves time and reduces total cost
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