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Productivity Series ControllersProductivity Series Controllers

Programmable controllers come in many form factors and levels of hardware options and software capabilities. Productivity controllers combine compact, modular, rack-based or stackable hardware with advanced tag name-based programming. Multiple built-in communications ports, OLED/LCD displays and a secure web server are valuable features of the Productivity series.
Do-more Series (BRX, H2, T1H) PLCs (Micro Modular & Stackable)Do-more Series (BRX, H2, T1H) PLCs (Micro Modular & Stackable)

Programmable controllers come in many form factors and levels of hardware options and software capabilities. Do-more series controllers are compact, stackable or rack-based PLCs with full-featured, powerful programming software. Robust motion control, communications ports and a project simulator are valuable features of the Do-more Series.
DirectLogic PLC'sDirectLogic PLC's

Koyo's DirectLOGIC programmable logic controller products, range from nano-sized fixed I/O units to modular systems with thousands of I/O. From simple machine sequencing to more complex process control, you will find a quality programmable controller to suit your application at a fraction of the cost typically charged by our competitors.
  • DL05 Micro Brick PLC - Incredible features with an expansion slot
  • DL06 Expandable Micro Brick PLC - 36 I/O and four expansion slots
  • DL105 Micro Brick PLC - Fixed-I/O with 10 inputs and eight outputs
  • DL205 Micro Modular PLC - Powerful with a wide range of I/O and comm modules
  • DL305 Small Modular PLC - Marketed under various PLC brands for over 24 years
  • DL405 Small Modular PLC - Specialty modules for complex applications
CLICK® Series Programmable Logic ControllersCLICK® Series Programmable Logic Controllers

The CLICK PLC family of components offers practical PLC features in a compact yet expandable design, with super easy-to-use FREE programming software.
  • CPU modules have built-in analogue I/O (2-ch analogue inputs and 2-ch analogue outputs).
PLC SoftwarePLC Software

  • DirectSoft 5 & 6
  • Productivity 3000 Suite Programming Software
  • CLICK Programming Software
  • CTI-2500 Series 505 Suite Programming Software
  • Fastrak Programming Software

PLC cablesPLC cables

Please be careful to choose the correct cable to connect your specific PLC type to your PC running DirectSoft5 or KEPDirect for PLCs.
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