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Konnect-It DIN-Rail Terminal Blocks

Konnect-It™ Screw-type DIN Rail Terminal Blocks - KN Series

Available in single-level, double-level, triple-level, sensor, mini, grounding, fuse holder and disconnect terminal block types

Most control panels use some type of terminal strip or electrical terminal block connector to connect the control wiring (PLCs, relays, contactors, etc.) to the field wiring.

The Konnect-It KN Series offers cost-effective screw terminal blocks and related components that are modular in design and fit on a 35mm DIN rail (standard terminal blocks), or 15mm DIN rail (mini terminal blocks). These terminal blocks employ a terminal connection system that meet the demands of the industrial environment and are suitable for factory wiring as well as field-wiring connections.
  • Robust terminal block system provides organized connection and identification of two or more wires in an industrial environment

  • Terminate solid or stranded wires ranging from 26 to 1/0 AWG

  • Fusing, grounding or disconnecting capability within the electrical terminal block itself

  • 100kA Short Circuit Capacity Rating (SCCR)

  • Multiple international colors available: Konnect-It Multiple DIN-Rail Terminal Block Colors Available - Grey, Blue, Brown, Black, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow and White.
    (meets the requirements of 2011 NEC250.119 and 2012 NFPA 79 section 13.2)

  • Screw-down terminal block jumper technology uses an insulated jumper system to provide a reliable connection to each terminal block

  • The Konnect-It series of terminal blocks are internationally approved by national and international standards organizations such as UL, CSA, CE, VDE, and IEC

  • At a Glance - The Konnect-It Terminal Blocks Lineup

The Konnect-It terminal block series provides reliable, economical wire termination for just about any industrial application. Konnect-It terminal blocks are available in cost-effective quantity packages as well as smaller convenience packs for certain terminal block types.

At a Glance - The Konnect-It Terminal Blocks Lineup

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