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Industrial Ethernet Switches

STRIDE Ethernet Switches

  • STRIDE Unmanaged Ethernet Switches (5-9 ports)

  • STRIDE Managed Ethernet Switches/ Gigabit Switches
    (5-16 ports) and Accessories

Industrial Strength Ethernet

STRIDE is the AutomationDirect line of rugged unmanaged and managed Ethernet switches and media converters. Designed with our PLC, HMI and drive customers in mind, STRIDE Ethernet switches are specifically built for industrial environments. With a STRIDE industrial Ethernet switch on an isolated control LAN, you can reduce data collisions that slow down your network.

STRIDE Ethernet switches automatically determine and remember the devices connected to each port and route messages only through the appropriate ports. Install STRIDE Ethernet switches and your Ethernet control network will maintain more consistent cycle times even under heavy I/O and data exchange.

Extreme Temperatures

For industrial applications where temperatures can change from freezing to sweltering heat, the STRIDE line offers Ethernet switches that are designed for standard industrial environments, as well as the most extreme industrial environments.

The rugged metal housing Ethernet switch models offer superior EMC performance and corrosion-resistance while also allowing you to choose various mounting methods for your application. This is standard and no kits are required!

Fiber Optic Support

STRIDE Ethernet switch models offer a variety of Fiber Optic connections. Fiber optic cables are immune to electrical and magnetic interference and cannot be damaged by induced voltage transients. Fiber optic cabling not only enhances reliability, it saves time you might have spent tracking down those nasty communications problems caused by electrical interference. Also, your network distance is greatly increased when using Fiber optic cabling.

Unmanaged SwitchesUnmanaged Switches

Industrial Ethernet switches provide reliable network connections in harsh environments and will survive extreme temperatures, as well as noisy industrial power. STRIDE unmanaged switches offer multiple ports in models that support requirements such as 10/100BaseT, PoE+, Gigabit speeds, IP65 ratings, fiber optic ports, and hazardous duty certifications.
Managed Ethernet Switches & AccessoriesManaged Ethernet Switches & Accessories

STRIDE managed switches/ Gigabit switches are especially beneficial in an industrial network application.
Supported features such as SNMP, IGMP, VLAN, QOS and network redundancy, allow networks to be configured and managed in a way that assures the highest performance levels.
  • Reliable, rugged and cost effective Ethernet switches that will survive extreme temperatures as well as unreliable industrial power.
  • STRIDE managed Ethernet switches offer Gigabit port switch and fast Ethernet options, as well as various fiber SFP modules (SFP transceivers) that can be used on select managed switch models. SFP transceivers are sold separately.
  • Available managed Ethernet switches include:
    5-port switches, 8-port switches and 16-port switches (2 versions with fiber optic ports),
    8-port switches and 10-port Gigabit switches (with SFP fiber optic port options)
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