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DURApulse - GS3 (230 / 460 VAC Sensorless Vector Control)


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DuraPulse GS3 Drive UnitsDuraPulse GS3 Drive Units

The DURApulse series of Sensorless-Vector AC drives offers all of the features of our GS2 series of drives including dynamic braking, PID, removable keypad and RS-485 Modbus communication.
  • 0.75kw to 37kw 230 VAC 3-phase only
  • 0.75kw to 75kw 460 VAC
DURApulse - GS3 AC Line ReactorsDURApulse - GS3 AC Line Reactors

OPTIONAL Input and output line reactors for DuraPulse GS3 AC Drives
DURApulse - GS3 Input Fuse Kits & Spare FusesDURApulse - GS3 Input Fuse Kits & Spare Fuses

Circuit protection devices are essential to prevent costly damage to your AC drive application equipment.
  • Fuses and fuse kits are available for DuraPulse AC drives.
  • Replacement fuses are also available.
DURApulse - GS3 Braking Options (Braking Units & Resistors)DURApulse - GS3 Braking Options (Braking Units & Resistors)

Braking units are applied to absorb the motor regeneration energy when the three-phase induction motor stops by deceleration.
Braking resistors are used to increase the control torque of the AC drive, for frequently repeated ON-OFF cycles of the AC drive, or for decelerating a load with large inertia.
DURApulse - GS3 EMI / RF FiltersDURApulse - GS3 EMI / RF Filters

  • Input EMI filters reduce electromagnetic interference or noise on the input side of the AC drive.
  • They are required for CE compliance and recommended for installations prone to or sensitive to electromagnetic interference.
  • RF filters reduce the radio frequency interference or noise on the input or output side of the inverter.
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