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Fuji 3-Pole Contactors

Fuji Contactors and Overload Relays

We offer Fuji's DUO series line of motor contactors, overload relays, and manual motor starter products, as well as their Odyssey line of large contactors and overloads. These product lines provide complete motor control solutions up to 225kw (300 hp) at 480 VAC.

The DUO line of components are fully integrated and can be used to build a conventional contactor/ overload starter, or the Fuji manual motor starter (MMS) can be combined with an SC-E series contactor for a combination starter. Since the MMS is UL listed for Category E self-protected motor control, it can be used for motor branch circuit protection without the need for additional protection such as fuses or molded case circuit breakers.

NOTE: Recent changes in UL 508 now require that short circuit trip contacts should be added to the MMS (manual motor starter), and a terminal cover should be added to the 32 amp frame size MMS.

MMS are available in a 32-Amp version with a 45 mm frame width and a 63-Amp version with a 55 mm frame width.

Both MMS versions have high breaking capacities, up to 100,000 Amps in some ranges. The MMS combination starters can accommodate motors up to 30kw (40 hp) at 480 VAC. The conventional starters in the DUO line can accommodate motors up to 75kw (100 hp) at 480 VAC.

Larger contactors feature a Super Magnet™ coil for greater reliability and positive pick-up and drop-out. The Super Magnet™ combines an integrated circuit with a conventional coil for superior performance. Drop-out and chattering is eliminated during high inrush start-ups. The Super Magnet™ accepts AC or DC coil control voltage in the respective ranges. Reversing kits are available for the SC-E series contactors. A complete line of accessories is also available.

Both the SC-E series products and Odyssey lines are available in 24 VAC, 24 VDC, 120 VAC, and 240 VAC coil versions.

IEC Contactors - 9 to 25 AmpIEC Contactors - 9 to 25 Amp

  • SC-E02 to SC-E05 Series - Contactors (9-25 Amp)
  • TK-E02 Series - Thermal Overload Relays for 9 to 25 Amp contactors
IEC Contactors - 32 to 50 AmpIEC Contactors - 32 to 50 Amp

  • SC-E1 to SC-E2s Series - Contactors (32-50 Amp)
  • TK-E2 Series - Thermal Overload Relays for 32 to 50 Amp contactors
IEC Contactors - 65 to 80 AmpIEC Contactors - 65 to 80 Amp

  • SC-E3 to SC-E4 Series - Contactors (65-80 Amp)
  • TK-E3 Series - Thermal Overload Relays for 65 to 80 Amp contactors
IEC Contactors - 105 to 150 AmpIEC Contactors - 105 to 150 Amp

  • SC-E5 to SC-E7 Series - Contactors (105-150 Amp)
  • TK-E Series - Thermal Overload Relays for contactors
Odyssey 3N Contactors - 180 to 360 AmpOdyssey 3N Contactors - 180 to 360 Amp

  • Odyssey 3NC Series - Contactors (180-360 Amp)
  • NK Series - Thermal Overload Relays for 180 to 360 Amp contactors
Fuji IEC Thermal Overload RelaysFuji IEC Thermal Overload Relays

  • Overload, phase loss protection
  • Isolated N.O. and N.C. contacts
  • Ambient temperature compensation
  • Trip indicator
  • Finger protection terminals
  • Optional base units for separate mounting (TK-E series only)
  • IEC-947, UL, CSA, CE

Fuji Contactors - AccessoriesFuji Contactors - Accessories

Front & Side Mounting - Auxilary Contact Blocks
Mounting Bases
Interlocks & Reversing Connection kits
Coil Surge Suppressors
Replacement Coils
Terminal Covers
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