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Fuji Electric 22mm (AR22 Series)

Fuji Electric AR22 Series 22mm Pilot Devices\n- Pushbuttons, Selectors, Pilot Lights, Joysticks, Buzzers

Fuji Electric AR22 Series Pilot Devices

Fuji Electric Command Series pilot devices are used in machine tools, industrial machines, control panels, distribution panels, and instrumentation panels. The compact design occupies less space than traditional 22mm devices and offers better layout and wiring, easier installation and increased safety. Reliability is also built in to handle complex multi-functional controls.

The AR22 series is configurable with a wide range of choices:
  • A selection of 22mm pushbuttons include non-illuminated as well as illuminated models with flush round heads, extended round heads, and mushroom style heads

  • Other 22mm pilot devices including emergency stop pushbuttons, selector switches, pilot lights, joystick selector switches, and buzzers

  • An array of Fuji 22mm Command Series accessories

AR22 Series General Features

  • Mountable in a 22.3 or 25.5 mm diameter cutout
    (except joysticks and buzzers)
  • Fits 1mm to 6mm max panel thickness
  • Provided with release arm
  • Terminal cover included for added safety
  • Wiring possible in vertical and horizontal directions
  • Oil and dust-proof operator modules (IP65)
    (except buzzers)

Fuji AR22 Series Selection Overview

Non-Illuminated Pushbuttons Flush & ExtendedNon-Illuminated Pushbuttons Flush & Extended

  • Momentary operators
  • 30mm flush round head
  • 30mm flush round head (0 imprint)
  • 30mm flush round head (1 imprint)
  • 40mm mushroom head
  • 30mm extended round head
Illuminated Pushbuttons Flush & ExtendedIlluminated Pushbuttons Flush & Extended

  • 30mm momentary flush round head
  • 30mm push ON - push OFF flush round head
  • 30mm momentary extended round head
  • 40mm momentary
  • 40mm twist release, with white arrow
  • 24 VAC/DC and 115-127 VAC models
Push ON / Push OFF Illuminated Pushbuttons FlushPush ON / Push OFF Illuminated Pushbuttons Flush

  • 30mm push-push flush round head
  • 5 LED illuminated button colors
  • Metal construction
  • 24 VAC/DC and 115-127 VAC models
Mushroom Pushbuttons Illuminated & Non-IlluminatedMushroom Pushbuttons Illuminated & Non-Illuminated

  • 40mm twist-release, white arrow
  • 40mm key-release
  • 35mm push-pull
  • 40mm twist-release, white arrow, illuminated
  • 40mm momentary mushroom head, illuminated
Emergency Stop Pushbuttons Illuminated & Non-IlluminatedEmergency Stop Pushbuttons Illuminated & Non-Illuminated

  • 40mm twist-release, red with white arrow
  • 40mm key-release, red
  • 35mm push-pull, red
  • 40mm twist-release, red with white arrow, illuminated
Selector Switches Illuminated & Non-IlluminatedSelector Switches Illuminated & Non-Illuminated

  • Non-illuminated:
  • knob, key, lever operators
  • Illuminated:
    - 2 & 3 position maintained
    - 2 & 3 position spring return
    - 24 VAC/DC and 115-127 VAC
    - 4 LED illuminated knob colors
Fuji JoysticksFuji Joysticks

  • Ball type handle
  • 2-position N.O. momentary
  • 2-position N.O. maintained
  • 4-position N.O. momentary
  • 4-position N.O. maintained
Plastic IndicatorsPlastic Indicators

  • 22mm pilot lights
  • LED illuminated extended round lens
  • 5 lens colors
  • 24 VAC/DC and 115-127 VAC models
22mm Pushbutton Accessories22mm Pushbutton Accessories

  • Lamps & LEDs
  • Legend Plates
  • Contact Blocks
  • Replacement Operators
  • Misc Tools & Accessories
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