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PLC Base Controllers

Reduce the cost of your Ethernet, Profibus, DeviceNet or SDS fieldbus controller network.

If you are using a fieldbus controller network, the DL205 I/O sub-system will reduce the cost of your overall application. H2-xBC modules allow the micro-modular DL205 I/O sub-system to be linked with a fieldbusmaster controller. Fieldbus is a control bus that provides a common method to connect automation equipment with devices on a single network and significantly reduces hardwiring costs. The fieldbus specifications provide for information exchanged between nodes, such as controller data associated with low level device and configuration parameters that are individually related to system operations.

The H2-xBC modules are fieldbus slaves, which plug into the CPU slot of the DL205 micro-modular family of I/O bases. The module reports all identification data, diagnostic information, and parameters that control the module operation. The H2-xBC module scans and reports all discrete and analogue I/O data to the fieldbus Master. The AC externally-powered DL205 I/O base units contain a 24 VDC, 0.3 A power supply for simple wiring of sensors and actuators into the DL205 I/O modules, and for controlling them with a fieldbus Master. Using our fieldbus I/O sub-system will increase installation flexibility and save on wiring costs. The H2-xBC module supports all DL205 discrete and analogue I/O modules and the H2-CTRIO high speed counter / motion controller module.

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Ethernet Field I/OEthernet Field I/O

Ethernet Base Controller Modules (H2-EBC, H2-EBC100, H2-EBC-F, H4-EBC and H4-EBC-F).
The H2-EBC (DL205 )and H4-EBC (DL405) modules support industry standard 10BaseT Ethernet communications, the H2-EBC100 supports industry standard 10/100BaseT Ethernet communications,and the H2-EBC-F and H4-EBC-F modules support 10BaseFL (fiber optic) Ethernet standards.
Profibus Field I/OProfibus Field I/O

Profibus Slave Base Controller (H2-PBC).
The H2-PBC module is a Profibus slave, which can be plugged into the CPU slot of the DL205 micro-modular family of I/O bases.
DeviceNet Field I/ODeviceNet Field I/O

DeviceNET Slave Module (F2-DEVNETS-1).
The F2-DEVNETS-1 module is a DeviceNET slave, which can be plugged into the CPU slot of the DL205 micromodular family of I/O bases.
SDS (Honeywell Smart Distributed System) Field I/OSDS (Honeywell Smart Distributed System) Field I/O

Smart Distributed System Module (F2-SDS-1).
The F2-SDS-1 module allows the well-proven micro-modular DL205 I/O system to be controlled by your SDS master controller.
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