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DirectLogic PLC's

The DirectLogic PLC familiy

Designed and Manufactured by the AutomationDirect group and ranging in capabilities and price from small fixed I/O units with option module slots, to micro-modular and compact Industrial distributed PLC systems with 1000's of I/O points.

A fully integrated networkable range of of control solutions, all programmed with the same control language, or used as Modbus, Ethernet, Profibus or DeviceNet fieldbus I/O, for PC based control or distributed I/O to other systems and controllers.

A wide range of modules are available for discrete (on/off), analogue (0-10v/current loop/temp) or High Speed (100KHz) position counting and pulse speed/position motion control.

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DirectLogic 05DirectLogic 05

Our smallest PLC offers six I/O combinations of AC, DC, and relay I/O, plus advanced programming functions such as PID and drum sequencing.
DL05 features include:
  • Eight inputs and six outputs built-in, expandable to 30 I/O total.
  • 2K words - program memory, plus 4K words - data memory (expands to 32K)
  • Two serial RS232 communication ports (RJ12), expandable to 4-ports.
  • Built-in networking for MODBUS RTU master/slave operation, or ASCII string out.
  • DeviceNET, Profibus slave, and Ethernet 10/100Mbs option modules with Modbus TCP/IP capability.
  • 129 instruction library, and can accept up to four PID* loops
  • Integrated high-speed input (5kHz) and pulse profile output (7kHz), in DC I/O versions.
  • Removable terminal block for quick change-out without rewiring terminals
  • Windows-based programming software (order DirectSOFT5 product separately)
  • One option card slot that accepts discrete or analogue I/O, high-speed (100KHz) counting & pulse output motion control module, and communication modules.
DirectLogic 06DirectLogic 06

Our first micro PLC to combine a fixed footprint size, with 20 inputs and 16 outputs built-in, plus four option card slots for expansion (discrete, analogue, communication modules), all in the same package. With the DL06, you can use the same PLC panel layout for all applications from 36 to 100 I/O.
DL06 features include:
  • 14.8K words total memory, 229 instruction set, with 8 PID loop capability
  • Two built-in communication ports, one RS232, second RS232 or RS422/485 network capable.
  • Includes networking protocol for MODBUS RTU master/slave operation, plus ASCII string in/out
  • DeviceNET, Profibus slave, and Ethernet 10/100Mbs option modules
  • Integrated high-speed inputs (5kHz) and pulse profile output (7kHz) in DC I/O versions.
  • Built-in real-time clock/calendar
  • Built-in 300mA, 24vDC auxilary supply, to power DC sensors and outputs
  • Optional LCD display for operator interface or maintenance troubleshooting
  • The four option card slots accept discrete, analogue I/O, high-speed counting/ pulse output (100kHz) for motion control, and communication modules
DirectLogic 205 and WinPLCDirectLogic 205 and WinPLC

If your application requires the flexibility of a modular control system, a DL205 PLC is the lowest cost, most versatile solution you'll find. In fact, all you need to do is pick out a CPU, plug it in the first slot of the base you choose, and then mix and match various modules into the available slots.
DL205 features include:
  • Four RLL (relay ladder logic) CPUs provide a wide range of power and features while minimizing cost, providing up to 30.4 K memory, 16,384 I/O points, 230+ RLL instructions, and 16 PID loops
  • Flow chart programmed CPU brings the best of PC-based control and programmable logic controller (PLC) worlds to a common platform.
  • Four base sizes with built-in power supply options of 12/24vDC or 115/230vAC.
  • AC/DC discrete in/out, up to 32 points, plus 10 A relay outputs
  • 12-bit and 16-bit analogue inputs and outputs, plus direct RTD/Tc temperature sensor inputs
  • Data communications, including serial and Ethernet modules
  • High Speed Counter input with HS direct I/O, and Pulse+Direction outputs for Motion & Positioning
  • Ethernet and serial remote (distributed) I/O
DirectLogic 305DirectLogic 305

This PLC design has been marketed by various name-brand PLC manufacturers for over 20 years. It has masqueraded as the General Electric Series One, the Texas Instruments Series 305, and the SimaticTI305.
Designed, updated and Manufactured by Koyo Electronics in Japan, with special modules, software and ancillary products from other companies in the AutomationDirect group, ensures longevity for your products, low prices, and long-term world-wide support.

DL305 PLC features include:
  • Two Ladder-Logic legacy CPUs for continuing field support.
  • NEW D3-350 CPU, with PID control, latest ladder-logic programming, variable base addressing, and two communication ports including Modbus RTU master/slave protocol.
  • Ladder-Logic CPUs programmed with handheld programmer, or latest Windows-based software.
  • Programmer hire-kit available for legacy system support.
  • Five, eight, and 10-slot bases, with latest power supply designs to upgrade legacy systems, with 110/230 VAC or 24 VDC power supply options.
DirectLogic 405DirectLogic 405

This product line has the widest variety of I/O modules and configurations of all our PLCs. You can build a control system with local/ distributed I/O of up to 16,384 points. Use the 16 built-in PID instructions (expandable), or specialty modules, to perform cost-effective process control.
DL405 PLC features include:
  • Three CPUs from 6.5 K memory with 1,152 I/O to 30.8 K memory with 3,584 possible I/O, with built-in power supply
  • Three base sizes and AC/ DC discrete in/out, up to 64 points per module and 10A relay out.
  • 12-bit and fast 16-bit analogue inputs and outputs, Thermocouple and RTD inputs
  • Data communications, including RS232/422/485 serial and Ethernet modules
  • High speed (100kHz) counter input and pulse output for profiled motion control.
  • PLC base style Remote I/O, or our terminator field I/O using serial or fast Ethernet interface.
  • Serial remote I/O master and slave modules
  • Ethernet slave base controllers for low-cost rubust field I/O.
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