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DeviceNet Field I/O

Devicenet DL205 I/O base controller (F2-DEVNETS-1)

If you are using a DeviceNET controller network, the DL205 I/O sub-system will help reduce the cost of your overall application. The F2-DEVNETS-1 (slave) module allows the popular micromodular DL205 I/O sub-system to be linked with a DeviceNET master controller. DeviceNET is a low-cost control bus that provides a common method to connect automation equipment with devices on a single network. DeviceNET and it significantly reduces hard wiring costs. The DeviceNET standard provides specifications for information exchanged between nodes, such as controller data associated with low level device and configuration parameters individually related to system operations.

The F2-DEVNETS-1 module is a DeviceNET slave, which can be plugged into the CPU slot of the DL205 micromodular family of I/O bases. This module maintains a database with all the identification data, diagnostic information, and parameters that control the module operation. The F2-DEVNETS-1 module scans and reports all discrete and analogue I/O data to a DeviceNET Master. The AC externally-powered DL205 I/O base units contain a 24 VDC, 0.2 A power supply for simple wiring of sensors and actuators into the DL205 I/O modules, and for controlling them with a DeviceNET Master. Using our DeviceNET I/O sub-system will increase installation flexibility and save on wiring costs. The F2-DEVNETS-1 module supports all DL205 discrete and analogue I/O modules.

The DeviceNET slave module also offers:

  • Cost effectiveness: Hardwiring cost is reduced with a single network for devices.
  • Easy connectivity: Low-cost four wire installation is easy to implement and maintain.
  • Innovative technology: Power is integrated into the device.
  • Diagnostics: Advanced error diagnostics not commonly available in traditional systems are available.
  • Highly dependable: Fast response and high reliability are featured for demanding applications.
  • LED indicators: Provide quick indication of DL205 power and operating mode.
The F2-DEVNETS-1 module replaces the F2-DEVNETS module and adds the following enhancements:
  • DIP Switch selectable node address and CAN baud rate
  • ODVA approved pluggable screw connectors
  • 1,024 inputs and 1,024 outputs as defined by DeviceNET Slave specifications (256 physical inputs and 256 physical outputs defined by the number of slots per I/O base)

The F2-DEVNETS-1 can be used as adirect replacement for the previous F2-DEVNETS through a simple jumper selection procedure.

DeviceNet DL205 I/O base controller. Slave controller for DeviceNet connection to your DeviceNet master. Replaces F2-DEVNETS. F2-DEVNETS-1

DeviceNet DL205 I/O base controller. Slave controller for DeviceNet connection to your DeviceNet master. Replaces F2-DEVNETS.

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Note: Power budget limitations restrict the number of modules allowed in the slots of DL205 bases. Please consult the power budgeting tables in your manual or catalogue for specific calculations. Calculate the power budget

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