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DirectLogic 405

DirectLOGIC 405 Modular Programmable Logic Controller (DL405 PLC)

Our PLC prices are hard to beat!

The DirectLOGIC 405 PLC process control system from Koyo packs a lot of power for its size and price.
It is one of our most powerful PLC applications. The DL405 PLC control system has the one of the widest varieties of I/O modules and configurations of all our DirectLOGIC PLCs.

You can build a PLC controller system with local/distributed I/O of up to 3,500 points. Use the built-in PID instruction or specialty modules to perform cost-effective process control.

How the PID PLC Application Works:
PID (Proportional, integral, derivative) control: The control algorithm that is used to closely control processes such as temperature, mixture, position, and velocity.

The proportional portion takes care of the magnitude of the error.
The derivative compensates for the rate of error change.
The integral takes care of small errors over time.

The DL405 PLC controller system features include:
  • Three CPUs from 6.5 K memory with 1,152 I/O to 30.8 K memory with 3,584 possible I/O, with built-in power supply
  • Three base sizes
  • AC/DC in/out, up to 64 points
  • Ten amp relay out
  • 12-bit and 16-bit analogue inputs and outputs
  • Thermocouple and RTD inputs
  • Data communications, including serial and Ethernet modules
  • High-speed counter input and pulse output
  • Serial remote I/O master and slave modules
  • Ethernet remote I/O master and slave base controllers

Discrete I/O modules in 8, 16, 32 and 64-point densities

Use our ZipLink pre-wired I/O cables and connector modules for easy wiring, especially to our 64-point DC modules.
Check our PLC System Specification Guide for a quick overview of the DL405

Wide range of analogue modules

Our analogue I/O selection will give you the flexibility you need to perform low-cost process or data acquisition applications. We have 4, 8 and 16-channel models with input and output ranges such as 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, and bipolar ranges; isolated or non-isolated, 12 or 16-bit, thermocouple, RTD and millivolt modules. For example, our 8-channel F4-08AD analogue input module offers eight channels of analogue inputs and supports 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 1-5 V, +/-5 V, and +/-10 V (seven ranges) for a low price. For high-density analogue, our F4-16AD-1 module supports 16 channels of current inputs at a low per-point cost.

Specialty modules to complete the system

Applications requiring the DL405's power and I/O count usually have some sort of special interfaces. NOTE: New option modules may not be supported by CPUs purchased prior to the modules release.
Be sure to check for the latest firmware for your PLC. You can refer to the module specification page on our Web site for this information, or find it in our free catalog.
Here is the direct link to the Firmware Upgrade section of our Web site where you can find the firmware revision histories, the latest files and tools required to download the firmware into your CPU.

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DL405 Ladder Logic Programmed CPUsDL405 Ladder Logic Programmed CPUs

D4-450 Fixed or Variable Scan The D4-450 CPU provides several scan control options, which are useful in some high-speed machine control applications.

D4-440 CPU The D4-440 provides a subset of the D4-450’s capabilities. If you need fast boolean execution, good communications, and complex math or PID isn’t required, this is the CPU for you!

D4-430 CPU The D4-430 is the most economical CPU in the DL405 product family. If you are primarily looking at the DL405 because of I/O form factor or reasons that don’t require tons of CPU horsepower, try the D4-430.
DL405 Memory CartridgesDL405 Memory Cartridges

The D4-440 CPU requires the use of a memory cartridge and the D4-450 CPU can use a memory cartridge instead of its built-in memory if additional program space is needed.
DL405 Bases & ExpansionDL405 Bases & Expansion

The DL405 product family offers four, six, and eight-slot I/O bases.
The expansion units are only necessary when you want to use local expansion. They are installed in the CPU slot of the expansion bases.
DL405 AC / DC Input modulesDL405 AC / DC Input modules

DC Inputs
8-16-32-64 point, 12/24/48 VDC, sink/source.
16 point 1mS response
8-16 pt, 12/24/110 VAC/DC universal inputs.
AC Inputs
8-16 pt. 110/220 VAC
DL405 AC / DC Solid-State Output modulesDL405 AC / DC Solid-State Output modules

DC Outputs
8-16-32-64 point, 5/12/24/150 VDC, source and sink up to 2A.
AC Outputs
8-16 pt. 18-220 VAC, up to 2A per point.
DL405 AC/DC (Relay) I/O modulesDL405 AC/DC (Relay) I/O modules

Relay Output 8-16 point up to 10A per point.
DL405 Analogue I/O option modulesDL405 Analogue I/O option modules

A wide range of 4-8-16 channel analogue and RTD/Tc temperature input modules.
DL405 Serial Remote I/ODL405 Serial Remote I/O

The D4-RS and D4-RSDC Remote I/O Slave Module are placed in remote DL405 bases and attached to the D4-RM master in a daisy-chain formation over a twisted pair communication cable.
DL405 Ethernet Remote I/ODL405 Ethernet Remote I/O

The Ethernet Remote Master H4-ERM(-F) connects the DL405 family 430, 440 and 450 CPU systems to slave I/O over a high-speed Ethernet link. Each ERM module can support up to 16 additional H2-EBC systems, 16 Terminator I/O EBC systems, or 16 fully expanded H4-EBC systems. Of course, combinations are fine, too.
DL405 Communications & NetworkingDL405 Communications & Networking

Choose between the H4-ECOM, H4-ECOM-F and H4-ECOM100 Ethernet communications modules or the D4-DCM serial data communications module.
DL405 Special modulesDL405 Special modules

Several specialty modules are available for when your application calls for more than simple I/O control or monitoring.
Programming software & cablesProgramming software & cables

The new DirectSOFT5 software package offers a host of advanced features for easier PLC programming.
- Full-featured 32-bit Windows-certified programming for all DirectLOGIC PLCs
- ALL NEW IBox instructions
- FREE version allows a maximum of 100 words for programming, editing, and downloading
DL405 PLC ZipLinksDL405 PLC ZipLinks

  • ZIPLinks eliminate the tedious process of wiring programmable logic controller I/O to terminal blocks
  • ZIPLinks use half the space, at a fraction of the total cost of terminal blocks
  • ZIPLinks are available for all PLC base units and all discrete input and output modules
DL405 Spare parts & AccessoriesDL405 Spare parts & Accessories

Everything needed to get and keep a DL305 system up and running.
- Screws, fuses, connectors
- Filler modules, modules covers
- Batteries, cable kits
- Converters, adapters
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