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Current & Voltage Sensors (AC & DC)

AcuAMP Current Transducers, Current Switches, Current Indicators and Voltage Transducers

AcuAMP is a family of high performance current sensors, current switches and voltage transducers offering outstanding features, flexibility and durability at an incredible price.

AC Current Transducers

DC Current Transducers

Single Range AC Current Switches and Indicator

Multi-Range AC and DC Current Switches

Voltage Transducers (AC and DC)

Current TransducersCurrent Transducers

AC Current Transducers
AcuAMP ACT and ACTR series AC current transducers offer a current transformer and signal conditioner in a single package or with remote flexible core units.
DC Current Transducers
The DCT series of DC current sensors is a family of high-performance transducers offering outstanding features, flexibility, and durability at an incredible price.
Current Switches & IndicatorsCurrent Switches & Indicators

AC Current Switches
AcuAMP ACSN100, ACS150, ACS200, ACSN250, ACSL and ACSX series current switches combine a current transformer, signal conditioner and limit alarm in a single package
DC Current Switches
AcuAMP DCS100 series current switches have multiple input ranges (set by movable jumpers) for maximum flexibility across many current ratings.
AcuAMP AC Current Indicator
The AcuAMP ACL1 Current Indicator is a small, inexpensive, simple LED ring which slides over a conductor to give a flashing indication of current flow.
Voltage TransducersVoltage Transducers

VACT Series AC Voltage Transducers
High-performance true RMS transducers for sensing voltage in single-phase installations.
VDCT Series DC Voltage Transducers
High-performance transducers for sensing voltage in DC powered installations.
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