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Audible Signal Devices

Audible Signal Devices / Warning Alarm Buzzers

  • WERMA Alarm Buzzers (22.5mm Panel Mount, 80dB - 100dB)

  • Fuji Alarm Buzzers (22.5mm Panel Mount, 80dB - 9dB)

  • ECX207 Series Alarm Buzzers (22.5mm Panel Mount, 80dB)

  • WERMA Signal Horns (83dB - 108dB)

WERMA Alarm Buzzers (22.5mm panel mount, 80dB - 100dB)WERMA Alarm Buzzers (22.5mm panel mount, 80dB - 100dB)

  • Mount in 22.5mm hole
  • Ten models available - 107, 109 and 110 series warning buzzer signal devices
  • Continuous alarm and pulse-tone sound buzzers
  • 80 to 100 decibels @ 1m
  • Audio alarm buzzer without sound output holes
  • Low current consumption
  • High IP65 protection rating
  • Simple connector-plug connection
  • Agency approvals: cULus file E164155, CE, RoHS
Alarm Buzzers (22.5mm panel mount, 80dB)Alarm Buzzers (22.5mm panel mount, 80dB)

  • Affordable warning alarm annunciators (black)
  • Mount in 22.5mm hole
  • Two models available
  • Audible 80 dB @ 10cm
  • Intermittent (pulse) alarm sound buzzer when energized
  • 24VAC/DC and 120VAC/DC versions
  • IP64 rating after installation
  • 25 mA @ 24V
WERMA Signal Horns (83dB-108dB)WERMA Signal Horns (83dB-108dB)

  • 482 Series 70mm diameter, 92dB (buzzer also available at 83dB)
  • 570 Series 148mm diameter, 108dB
  • 571 Series 132mm diameter, 108dB, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing, salt water proof
  • 573 Series 178mm diameter, 105dB, modern electro-mechanical design
  • 582 Series 70mm diameter, 92dB, small electro-mechanical horn with trumpet
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