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Panel Indicators

ECX2050 SeriesECX2050 Series

  • Plastic bodied
  • 24V and 120V with LED lamp in five colours (red, green, yellow, blue, clear)
  • 12 mA @ 120V, 65 mA @ 24V
ECX1050 SeriesECX1050 Series

  • Metal bodied
  • 24V and 120V with incandescent lamp in six colors (red, green, yellow, blue, white, clear)
  • Replacement incandescent bulbs are available
  • 24V and 120V LED lamps can be ordered separately and installed for longer life
  • Monoblock design for easy mounting
  • Side wire entry with back screw terminals for easy wiring and maintenance
  • IP65 after installation
GCX1230 SeriesGCX1230 Series

  • Metal bodied
  • 24V and 120V versions with LED lamp
  • Six colors available: red, green, yellow, blue, clear, white
  • LED lamp is included
  • Replacement LED lamps and incandescent bulbs are available
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