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Panel Interface Connectors (NEMA / UL Type 4, 4X, 12 / IP65)

Component interface without opening enclosure doors!

ZIPport™ panel interface connectors (PICs) are pass-through units that mount to the outside of electrical control panels containing PLCs or other programmable devices.

These panel mount connectors are also sometimes referred to as: PIC usb, interface PICs, power PICs, PIC port, Ethernet PICs, communication PICs, panel PICs, safety panel connectors, or power bulkheads.
  • Using the panel mount pass-through connections, the equipment operator is able to safely interface with a PLC or other units within the electrical control box without opening the enclosure door.
  • PICs usually contain a power outlet and various communication connectors necessary for the PLC or other programmable units in the control box
  • No-power PIC units are also available
  • ADC offers power PICs with single outlet, duplex outlet or GFCI power outlets, as well as a no-power PIC option
  • Available communication PICs include: D-Sub, RJ45, RJ12, USB, Ethernet, and Data Highway
  • Interface PIC units are available in various combinations of power outlets and communication ports needed for most typical control panels


  • Aluminum housing with gasket
  • All panel mount connections are normally straight through, pin 1 to pin 1, etc.
  • All D-Sub interface connectors are FEMALE EXTERIOR and MALE INTERIOR referenced to the cabinet.
  • The 9-pin D-Sub pin PIC configuration is available as a break out configuration in some panel mount connector models. These interface connectors allow for the D-Sub to be separated into individual lines. This allows the user to connect to the D-Sub by way of screw terminal connections.
  • Some communication PIC units are also configured for the Allen Bradley Data Highway system. In this case, the 9-pin D-Sub and/or 8-pin mini-DIN are connected to a 3-pin pluggable terminal block commonly used with BLUE HOSE applications.
  • The standard reset is a 3 Amp circuit breaker to limit the power output of the PIC unit.
  • Agency Approvals: NEMA / UL Type 12, 4, & 4x, IP 65, UL file number E329932, RoHS compliant

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