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DL205 Field I/O base controllers

Sub Sections - DirectLOGIC 205 PLC & WinPLC
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Ethernet Field I/OEthernet Field I/O
Ethernet Base Controller Modules (H2-EBC, H2-EBC100, H2-EBC-F, T1H-EBC and T1H-EBC100).
The H2-EBC and T1H-EBC modules support industry standard 10BaseT Ethernet communications, the H2-EBC100 supports industry standard 10/100BaseT Ethernet communications,and the H2-EBC-F module supports 10BaseFL (fiber optic) Ethernet standards.

Profibus Field I/OProfibus Field I/O
Profibus Slave Base Controller (H2-PBC).
The H2-PBC module is a Profibus slave, which can be plugged into the CPU slot of the DL205 micro-modular family of I/O bases.

DeviceNet Field I/ODeviceNet Field I/O
DeviceNET Slave Module (F2-DEVNETS-1).
The F2-DEVNETS-1 module is a DeviceNET slave, which can be plugged into the CPU slot of the DL205 micromodular family of I/O bases.

SDS (Honeywell Smart Distributed System) Field I/OSDS (Honeywell Smart Distributed System) Field I/O
Smart Distributed System Module (F2-SDS-1).
The F2-SDS-1 module allows the well-proven micro-modular DL205 I/O system to be controlled by your SDS master controller.
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