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ZipLink Connectors, Comms, Relay and Special DIN rail modules, with PLC cables.

ZIPLink Five-second PLC Cable Wiring System

The ZIPLink system eliminates the normally tedious process of wiring programmable logic controller I/O to terminal blocks. Simply plug one end of a ZIPLink cable into a DirectLOGIC I/O module and the other end into a ZIPLink connector module. It’s that easy! ZIPLinks use half the space, at a fraction of the total cost of terminal blocks.

ZIPLink cables and modules are available in a variety of styles to suit your needs. Some are designed exclusively for DirectLOGIC PLCs, while others may be used with various PLC brands. ZIPLinks are available for our most popular discrete input and output PLC I/O modules. (NOTE: Analogue and high current PLC I/O modules are not supported by ZIPLinks.

Download ZIPLink modules wiring Diagrams, Labels and Guides

ZipLink - Feedthrough Connector ModulesZipLink - Feedthrough Connector Modules
Feedthrough modules provide low-cost and compact field wiring screw termination solutions for quickly connecting ZIPLink cables with PLCs.
• ZL-RTB20
• ZL-RTB40
• ZL-RTB50
ZipLink - Fuse Modules  ZipLink - Fuse Modules
Fuse modules provide fuse protection for PLC output devices. The 16 and 32-point ZIPLink fuse modules include replaceable fuses and finger safe fuse holders. Use with CLICK, DL05/06/205/305/405 PLCs.
• ZL-RFU20
• ZL-RFU40
ZipLink - 24V DC-Powered Relay Module  ZipLink - 24V DC-Powered Relay Module
DC-powered relay module provides isolation, switches high current (10A) loads, is offered in 16 points, and includes diode protection to prevent voltage spikes from damaging PLC I/O modules. Relays are included with the module.
• ZL-RRL16-24
ZipLink - 24VDC Stand-Alone Relay ModulesZipLink - 24VDC Stand-Alone Relay Modules
Single and four-socket 24 VDC stand-alone relay modules use plug-in relays for switching high current (10A) loads. Relays are included with the ZIPLink modules.
• ZL-RLS1-24
• ZL-RLS4-24
ZipLink - 120VAC Stand-Alone Relay ModulesZipLink - 120VAC Stand-Alone Relay Modules
AC-powered stand-alone relay modules provide isolation, switch high current (10A) loads and are offered in single or 4-socket modules. Relays are included with the modules.
• ZL-RLS1-120
• ZL-RLS4-120
ZipLink - Sensor Input Modules ZipLink - Sensor Input Modules
ZIPLink LED modules provide simple and logical termination for 3-wire sensors or other devices. These modules offer visual LED indication of device input status for quick troubleshooting. The LED/sensor modules are available in 16 and 32-point versions.
• ZL-LTB16-24
• ZL-LTB32-24
ZipLink - 24VDC and 120VAC Transorb ModulesZipLink - 24VDC and 120VAC Transorb Modules
ZIPLink transorb diode modules are 8-channel devices used to suppress counterelectromotive force (CEMF) generated by switching inductive loads, which can cause unexpected PLC system shutdowns.
• ZL-TSD8-24
• ZL-TSD8-120
ZipLink - D-Sub Feedthrough ModulesZipLink - D-Sub Feedthrough Modules
Available in 9-pin, 15-pin or 25-pin versions; these ZIPLink connector modules provide a fast, convenient method of transitioning between DSub connectors and field wiring through the use of screw terminals.
ZipLink - RJ12 Feedthrough ModuleZipLink - RJ12 Feedthrough Module
The ZIPLink RJ12 feedthrough module provides convenient break-out of wiring to terminal blocks.
ZipLink - Communications Port AdaptersZipLink - Communications Port Adapters
These ZIPLink communication adapters have screw terminal connections for the DL06 PLC, D2-250-1 and D2-260 CPUs. The ZL-CMA15L adapter offers transmit and receive LEDs, a jumper selectable network termination resistor, and circuit surge protection.
• ZL-CMA15
ZipLink - Communication Distribution ModulesZipLink - Communication Distribution Modules
The ZIPLink RJ12 multi-port distribution modules allow RS485 multi-drop connections. Uses include serial network multi-drop to GS, DuraPulse, and SureServo AC drives; DirectLOGIC and CLICK PLCs.
• ZL-CDM-RJ12X10
ZipLink - AccessoriesZipLink - Accessories
Replacement relays are offered with a 24VDC coil or 120VAC coil and are for use with the ZIPLink relay modules. (Sold in packages of 4).
• ZL-RELAY-120X4
ZipLink - Pre-wired PLC cablesZipLink - Pre-wired PLC cables
  • CLICK ZIPLink Cables
  • DL05/06, DL205/305/405 I/O ZIPLink Cables
  • Universal ZIPLink Cables
  • Serial Communication ZIPLink Cables
  • AC Drive and Servo ZIPLink Cables
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