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To all our valued customers - Please note that due to Thanksgiving Holidays in the USA, our delivery schedule will be disrupted this week. The deadline for orders this week is 2pm on Tuesday 25th November. Orders for goods that are not in stock in the UK, received after 2pm, will be shipped on 8th/9th December.

ZipLink - Pre-wired PLC cables

ZIPLink cables - for Direct Feed-Through modulesZIPLink cables - for Direct Feed-Through modules
Feedthrough modules provide low-cost and compact field wiring screw termination solutions for quickly connecting ZIPLink cables with PLCs.

ZIPLink cables - for Fused and Relay Output modulesZIPLink cables - for Fused and Relay Output modules
Fuse modules provide fuse protection for PLC output devices. The 16 and 32-point ZIPLink fuse modules include replaceable fuses and finger safe fuse holders. Use with CLICK, DL05/06/205/305/405 PLCs.

ZIPLink cables - for Sensor Input modules with LED indicatorsZIPLink cables - for Sensor Input modules with LED indicators
ZIPLink LED modules provide simple and logical termination for 3-wire sensors or other devices. These modules offer visual LED indication of device input status for quick troubleshooting. The LED/sensor modules are available in 16 and 32-point versions.

ZIPLink cables - with open wire endsZIPLink cables - with open wire ends
Open wire end cables provide easy, ready to wire, low-cost termination for 32-point and 64-point high density PLC I/O modules.

ZIPLink cables - for Communications ModulesZIPLink cables - for Communications Modules
Various D-Sub and RJ12 cables are provided for easy plug and go connection.

ZIPLink cables - GS Drives seriesZIPLink cables - GS Drives series
RS232 and RS485 Communications cables designed specifically for the GS Drives range.

ZIPLink cables - SVC SureServo systemZIPLink cables - SVC SureServo system
RS232 and RS485 Communications cables, and Multifunction I/O cables, designed specifically for the SureServo Drives range.