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ZipLink - Pre-wired PLC cables

ZIPLink cables - for Direct Feed-Through modulesZIPLink cables - for Direct Feed-Through modules
Feedthrough modules provide low-cost and compact field wiring screw termination solutions for quickly connecting ZIPLink cables with PLCs.
ZIPLink cables - for Fused and Relay Output modulesZIPLink cables - for Fused and Relay Output modules
Fuse modules provide fuse protection for PLC output devices. The 16 and 32-point ZIPLink fuse modules include replaceable fuses and finger safe fuse holders. Use with CLICK, DL05/06/205/305/405 PLCs.
ZIPLink cables - for Sensor Input modules with LED indicatorsZIPLink cables - for Sensor Input modules with LED indicators
ZIPLink LED modules provide simple and logical termination for 3-wire sensors or other devices. These modules offer visual LED indication of device input status for quick troubleshooting. The LED/sensor modules are available in 16 and 32-point versions.
ZIPLink cables - with open wire endsZIPLink cables - with open wire ends
Open wire end cables provide easy, ready to wire, low-cost termination for 32-point and 64-point high density PLC I/O modules.
ZIPLink cables - for Communications ModulesZIPLink cables - for Communications Modules
Various D-Sub and RJ12 cables are provided for easy plug and go connection.
ZIPLink cables - GS Drives seriesZIPLink cables - GS Drives series
RS232 and RS485 Communications cables designed specifically for the GS Drives range.
ZIPLink cables - SVC SureServo systemZIPLink cables - SVC SureServo system
RS232 and RS485 Communications cables, and Multifunction I/O cables, designed specifically for the SureServo Drives range.
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