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Please note that due to Thanksgiving Holidays in the USA on the 23rd / 24th November, our delivery schedule will be disrupted this week.

The deadline for orders this week is 4pm on Tuesday 21st November.

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WERMA Stack Light Components

50mm and 70mm Modular WERMA Light Stack Systems

WERMA’s modular stack light system offers total choice and flexibility with multiple combinations of optical and audible signal elements.
  • Optical Elements: Incandescent Permanent - LED Permanent, Flashing, Blinking, Rotating - Xenon Flashing

  • Audible Elements: Buzzers - Multi-Function Sirens

  • The bayonet mechanism allows elements to be mechanically and electrically connected within seconds. Elements can be safely and easily changed (contact-voltage proof) without the need for tools.

  • Typical product applications include; machine tools, packaging machines, conveyor systems, printing machines, loading docks, andon lights, retail centers (check outs), queuing indicators for theme parks, and more.

70mm Components70mm Components

KombiSIGN 71 Modular IP65-rated stack light system with 70mm diameter elements.
  • For use in standard applications.
  • KS 71 stack lights are available in 5 colors and multiple light effects (permanent, blinking, rotating, flashing).
  • Multiple light sources (incandescent, LED, Xenon tube) and a wide variety of mountings are available.
  • Combine up to 5 elements per terminal.
  • Various terminal design choices are available as well as multiple voltages.
  • Audible elements up to 105 dB.
70mm Accessories70mm Accessories

  • 24 VDC and 115 VAC, 5W incandescent bulbs
  • Mounting hardware - tube, tube with clamp, base with integrated tube, plastic base, metal base
  • Brackets and contact boxes
  • Foldaway base (for KS 71 and KS 50)
  • Surface mounting, single hole mounting and tube mounting adapters
50mm Components50mm Components

KombiSIGN 50 modular IP54-rated stack light system with 50mm diameter elements.
  • For use on smaller machines.
  • KS 50 stack lights are available in 5 colors with either permanent or blinking light effects in multiple voltages.
  • A choice of incandescent or LED light sources is available as well as an 80 dB audible element.
  • Elements can be combined in a variety of mountings, up to 4 elements per mounting for 360 of visibility
50mm Accessories50mm Accessories

  • 24 VDC and 115 VAC, 5W incandescent bulbs
  • Mounting hardware - tubes, plastic base, metal base
  • Base for surface mounting with rubber seal
  • KS 50 contact boxes and brackets
  • Foldaway base (for KS 71 and KS 50)
  • Single hole mounting adapters
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