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Triple-port BASIC CoProcessor

Triple-port BASIC CoProcessor (F2-CP128)

The BASIC CoProcessor Module interfaces the DL205 family of programmable controllers with bar code readers, operator interface terminals, instrumentation equipment, computers and other serial devices.

BASIC CoProcessors are designed for use with intelligent devices such as:
  • Bar code readers
  • Welders
  • Board level controllers
  • Serial printers
  • Intelligent sensors
  • Almost any device with an RS232C/ R2422/ RS485 port
They are also good solutions for applications requiring complex math, such as floating point math, sine, cosine, tangent, exponential, square roots, etc.

  • FACTS Extended BASIC and ABM Commander for Windows software for IBM PCs makes program development fast and simple. Allows online, full-screen BASIC program editing and the ability to upload/ download programs on disk. The CD-ROM includes MODBUS master and slave BASIC programs and other application examples.
  • Non-volatile memory of up to 128 K allows multiple program storage and execution, DL205 register expansion, and retentive data storage and retrieval.
  • 26 MHz BASIC CoProcessor provides fast program execution independent of the CPU scan.
  • Three buffered ports permit communication from the module to three external devices.
  • The module is programmable from port 1 or 2 for complete serial port utilization without switching cables.
  • A real-time clock/calendar maintains time/date with battery backup when power outages occur. Programmable time based BASIC interrupts to .010 of a second.
  • Direct access of up to 254 bytes of DL205 CPU memory per scan is possible. No supporting ladder logic is required.
  • Floating point math solves complex formulas to eight significant digits.
  • MADE IN USA HS: 8537.10

COPROCESSOR 3 PORT OVERDRIVE USE W/ D2-240, D2-250(-1) & D2-260 F2-CP128 | COPROCESSOR 3 PORT OVERDRIVE USE W/ D2-240, D2-250(-1) & D2-260

3-port Overdrive CoProcessor module for D2-240, D2-250(-1) or D2-260 CPU based PLCs. 128k battery backed RAM, 26Mhz clock. Port 1: RS-232C/RS-422/RS-485 (115.2 kbaud max.); Port 2: RS-232C/RS-422/RS-485 (57.6 kbaud max.); Port 3: RS-232C, maximum baud 19.2k. Includes a DB9 connector, port 1/3 splitter, and a 7-foot 6P6C cable. Also includes CD containing ABM Commander for Windows/DOS and example programs. (Not compatible with D2-230 or Do-more H2 series CPUs.) (Ref: F2-CP128)

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Manual for F2-CP128. Order manual separately. (Ref: F2-CP-M)

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