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Think & Do - Live

A full-featured control and Human Machine Interface (HMI) development tool.

A common tag database and built-in HMI make Live! a great low cost PC-based control solution. Live! contains these features:

Flowcharts for Control:
  • Easy- to-use and easy-to-read flowcharts for control let you program like your machine or process operates, rather than one device at a time
  • Subcharts (subroutine flowcharts) - develop logic once and reuse it on multiple projects
  • Online changes are supported with graphical debugging to simplify troubleshooting
  • Develop for Windows XP and Windows CE platforms in the same environment
Built-in HMI:
  • Full screen editor with over 2,000 bitmapped graphic symbols, such as buttons, lights, pumps, motors, conveyors, and tanks
  • Single database for HMI and control functions means there are no communication errors
  • Text, numeric display, messaging, and trend charts
  • Import any bit map or metafile format graphics to display CAD drawings, company logos, or digital photographs
  • Function key and touch screen support
Communications to business systems:
  • OPC (OLE for process control) support allows easy connectivity to other standard software applications at host and ERP levels
  • DCOM/COM for communications to other programs or for network communications
  • OCX allows direct connections to Visual Basic and C++ user programs
  • Easy serial communication and string manipulation

Think & Do Data Acquisition Pack toolkit.PC-ENT-DAPThink & Do Data Acquisition Pack toolkit.
Enables programmers to create applications that acquire real-time data from a Think & Do runtime system. Interfaces include OPC, DDE, and VB/C++ programming control. For CE based platforms this k it allows monitoring, starting/stopping a station, and up/down-loading existing project files. No runtime licenses required.

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Think & Do Live! ESS (Extended Service Support) 1-year subscription.ESS-ENT-LIVEThink & Do Live! ESS (Extended Service Support) 1-year subscription.
Includes premier technical support free directly from Think & Do, free software upgrades, and ESS Subscriber Zone website access. Note: Valid software serial number required at the time of purchase.

This subscription cannot be purchased online, call us at (01737) 824600 to order. Valid software serial number required at time of purchase.

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