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Software Products

Programmable Controller SoftwareProgrammable Controller Software

  • Productivity Suite Programming Software
  • Do-more PLC Programming Software
  • DirectLOGIC PLC Programming Software
  • CLICK PLC Programming Software
HMI / SCADA SoftwareHMI / SCADA Software

  • Weintek Easy Builder Programming Software
  • Point of View SCADA / HMI Software
  • Infilink
Operator Interface Configuration SoftwareOperator Interface Configuration Software

  • C-more EA9 Series Programming Software
  • C-more EA7 Series Programming Software
  • C-more Micro Series Programming Software
  • OptiMate Windows configuration software
Servo & Drive Configuration SoftwareServo & Drive Configuration Software

  • GSoft - GS Series and DURApulse Drives
  • SureServo Pro - Servo Systems
  • SureStep Pro - Stepper Systems
Process Control & Measurement SoftwareProcess Control & Measurement Software

  • SL-SOFT - Configure and monitor multiple SOLO controllers
  • XT-SOFT - Configuration software for ProSense temperature transmitter models XTH-0-UNV and XTD-0-UNV
  • WEBCAL - Configuration software for Flowline EchoPod and EchoSonic II ultrasonic level sensors
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