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Please note that due to Thanksgiving Holidays in the USA on the 23rd / 24th November, our delivery schedule will be disrupted this week.

The deadline for orders this week is 4pm on Tuesday 21st November.

Orders for goods that are not in stock in the UK, received after 4pm, will be shipped on 5th/6th December.

Servo & Drive Configuration Software

SureServo Pro™ Configuration SoftwareSureServo Pro™ Configuration Software

SureServo Pro™ (SV-PRO) is the Windows-based configuration software for use with all SureServo™ servo systems. With SureServo Pro installed, the personal computer may be directly connected to the servo drive's serial port via the PC's RS-232 serial port.
GS Series AC Drives Configuration Software GS Series AC Drives Configuration Software

GSOFT, the configuration software for AutomationDirectÂ’s GS Series variable frequency drives, allows a personal computer to be connected to either the GS1, GS2 or DURApulse series AC drives. You can perform a variety of functions using GSOFT
SureStep Pro configuration softwareSureStep Pro configuration software

Used for easy configuration and setup of the stepper drive, including drive, motion control mode, I/O, stepper motor. The SureStep Pro configuration software on CD and the STP-232RJ11-CBL programming cable are included with each advanced stepper drive (STP-DRV-4850 & STP-DRV-80100). Software is NOT required for the standard drive (STP-DRV-4035). SureStep Pro is also available as a Free Download
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