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Panel Mount Relays, Hockey Puck Style,10A - 75A (AD-SSR6 Series)

AD-SSR6 Series - Panel Mount, "Hockey Puck" Solid State Relay Switches, 10A - 75A

A solid state relay switch is a control relay with isolated input and output, whose functions are achieved by means of electronic components without the use of moving parts such as those found in electromechanical relays. These electronic relays are ideal for applications with many contact closures since solid state relay switches offer a greatly extended life compared to electromechanical relays.

These class 6 solid state industrial relays offer an energy-efficient alternative to standard electromechanical relays.
Switching types include DC switching for low-voltage DC loads and Zero Cross for resistive AC loads where the output energizes/ de-energizes when control voltage is near zero. Switching devices include: MOSFET for DC loads, Triac for non-reactive AC loads and SCR for all types of AC loads.

These industrial relays are also referred to as: solid state relay switches, control relays, SSR relays, electronic relays, electrical relay switches, electrical control relays, switching relays, panel mount relays and hockey puck relays.
  • Finger-safe "Hockey Puck" housing
  • Solid-state relay circuitry
  • High load ratings up to 75 amps
  • Input indicating LED
  • Optically coupled circuits
  • Panel mount relays
  • Thermal pad included with each panel mount solid state relay

Thermal mounting pad for solid state relays starting with AD-SSR6, 10 per packageAD-SSR-THERM-PAD | Thermal mounting pad for solid state relays starting with AD-SSR6, 10 per package

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