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Programmable Controllers & Field I/O

Productivity SeriesProductivity Series

Productivity2000 Micro-Modular Programmable Controller
For the price, the features you get with the Productivity2000 are unbeatable! Consider the memory, I/O, performance, options, free software, free support.

Productivity3000 Modular Programmable Controller
The Productivity3000 modular programmable controller is a compact logic controller that offers you a more powerful process control solution that is easier to use and more cost effective than any control solution in the market.
Do-more Series PLC'sDo-more Series PLC's

The Do-more Series PLC is the next generation programmable controller built on a strong PLC foundation that makes control applications easier to implement.

Do-more uses proven DirectLOGIC DL205 hardware for a flexible control platform and introduces a powerful, intuitive set of new programming tools.

This combination of Do-more H2 Series CPUs and the existing line of AutomationDirect 205 series I/O modules and base units creates an incredibly powerful micro modular PLC at a fraction of the cost of comparable PLCs and PACs.
DirectLogic PLC'sDirectLogic PLC's

Koyo's DirectLOGIC programmable logic controller products, range from nano-sized fixed I/O units to modular systems with thousands of I/O. From simple machine sequencing to more complex process control, you will find a quality programmable controller to suit your application at a fraction of the cost typically charged by our competitors.
  • DL05 Micro Brick PLC - Incredible features with an expansion slot
  • DL06 Expandable Micro Brick PLC - 36 I/O and four expansion slots
  • DL105 Micro Brick PLC - Fixed-I/O with 10 inputs and eight outputs
  • DL205 Micro Modular PLC - Powerful with a wide range of I/O and comm modules
  • DL305 Small Modular PLC - Marketed under various PLC brands for over 24 years
  • DL405 Small Modular PLC - Specialty modules for complex applications
CLICK® Series Programmable Logic ControllersCLICK® Series Programmable Logic Controllers

The CLICK PLC family of components offers practical PLC features in a compact yet expandable design, with super easy-to-use FREE programming software.
  • CPU modules have built-in analogue I/O (2-ch analogue inputs and 2-ch analogue outputs).
PLC SoftwarePLC Software

  • DirectSoft 5 & 6
  • Productivity 3000 Suite Programming Software
  • CLICK Programming Software
  • CTI-2500 Series 505 Suite Programming Software
  • Fastrak Programming Software

PLC cablesPLC cables

Please be careful to choose the correct cable to connect your specific PLC type to your PC running DirectSoft5 or KEPDirect for PLCs.
Field I/OField I/O

  • Terminator I/O system
  • DL205 I/O system with Ethernet, Profibus, DeviceNet or SDS slave fieldbus base controllers
  • Modbus RTU serial master/slave DL05/06 PLC systems, as PC/HMI based fieldbus distributed I/O.
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