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Ground Terminal Blocks & Accessories

Ground Terminal Blocks

Ground terminal blocks are used to mechanically and electrically connect wires to the DIN rail by means of a conducting clamping foot. In this way, the DIN rail can function as a ground bus bar. Ground blocks are molded in green and yellow per international standards.

NOTE: The use of an end bracket is not required when a ground block is positioned at the end of a terminal block assembly.

General features include:
  • Standard ground blocks are available in green and yellow.
  • Available in 4 AWG, 6 AWG, 8 AWG, 10 AWG and 1/0 AWG models
  • Virtually vibration-proof clamping system
  • Internal jumpers
  • Protective moldings
  • Funneled wire entry
  • Wire stops
  • Snap-on solid foot
  • Captive screws
  • Zinc dichromate-plated, hardened steel screws and clamps
  • Nickel-plated, copper current bar
  • Marking system
Ground terminal block accessories include:
  • Rails
  • Angled support brackets
  • Cover tops
  • Separators
  • Jumpers
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire cutter/stripper tool
  • Marking tags and accessories
    (blank and printed tags, tag adapter, indelible marking pen, etc.)

Euro Series Ground Terminal BlocksEURO Series GRDEuro Series Ground Terminal Blocks
  • Ground Terminal Block
  • Green and Yellow
  • Used to Mechanically and Electrically connect wires
    to the Din rail through the clamping foot

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